Sharon Stone on second chances

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Author: Aralkis
The beautiful blue eyes! She looks stunning....
Author: Kahn
Beautiful inside and out. Go Sharon!
Author: Brabar
My huge '90s crush. Sharon Stone still got it. And damn straight she's seen it all. She exactly knew what kind of business it was and is. One heck of a powerful lady. Respect.
Author: Sazshura
This is why I LOVE Sharon Stone !!!
Author: Bakazahn
I met Sharon Stone, she was walking in before she came on the red carpet. I noticed her and I gasped but looked down. She actually acknowledged me and said hello... That showed me she was smart and caring. I will always remember her grace and how beautiful she looked that day. I hope the best for her... Sharon we want to see you in movies again. I have missed you.
Author: Mikajind
I have always been a huge fan of Sharon Stone. Not only for her acting but for all the money she has raised for AIDS. Plus, she is always smiling. I am thrilled that she is doing well. She is one smart woman.
Author: Gardara
Sharon Stone not sexy? PFFFT!!! SHE'S THE SEXIEST!
Author: Tull
That laughed said it all. 🙊😂 40 years in the biz, what do you think? Btw, she always reminded me of a Kim Novak.
Author: Samuzshura
What a beautiful home. If i lived there i'd never want to leave either haha
Author: Marisar
Sharon Stone -- one of my favorite people. Never mind her obvious beauty. She's intellectual and thoughtful, and kind. She's got real strength and that is her real beauty. Love you, Sharon
Author: Taran
She looks ravishing, and completely at ease in her own skin.
Author: Faucage
I'm glad she did this interview I like her so much more now. She still looks beautiful too!
Author: Yok
I couldn´t be happier for her! She has been really really missed!
Author: Tygotaxe
Sharon Stone is a talented and beautiful actress. I wish her good health and am looking forward to her comeback on the big screen soon. Lastly, I love that beautiful Angel Trumpet Tree *
Author: Najar wise, smart, beautiful, that’s why ... we love her.... 💖😘😍
Author: Tojarn
Ryan Murphy should get her in American horror story or one of his other projects and do for her what he did for Jessica Lange, she’ll have a second career in no time
Author: Vot
That's what courage is.
Author: Salkree
So happy Sharon did this interview. I love her even more. And whew boy, understatement when she was cornered on what's seen seen in her forty plus years in the business. Classy, smart and her own; love the trumpet tree setting.
Author: Meztimi
Damnit, she's aging pretty well, and naturally well, what a beautiful mature classy lady became Sharon through the years ;-)
Author: Aralkis
" I have been in this business 40 years. Can you imagine the business I stepped into 40 years ago? Looking like I look? From nowhere Pennsylvania, I didn't come here with any protection. I've seen it all"
Author: Tor
One classy lady. Much respect.


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