Somali pirates seize container ship

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Author: JoJora
this would be a nice cruise route for bankers
Author: Ketaxe
Staged crap to facilitate a much desired US military presence in the area. Read: Oil Route. Not hard to figure out.
Author: Tegal
2) Inform the hijackers that for ever ship they sieze, the international community will wipe 10 Somali villages off of the map (though not very human)
Author: Voodooshura
1) Pay them like we always do, and it will guarantee it will happen again
Author: Zululkis
make the waters off the somolia coast a free fire zone,sink everything that floats in them waters. Hurry before Obama kneels at those pirates feet and blames the Americans
Author: Faull
Damn pirates... What did Germans ever did to anyone?
Author: Metilar
Don't talk to me.
Author: Moogujas
There are three courses of action:
Author: Kigaktilar
ricklickme : kill the bastards with a water cannon from the ship's deck and be done with it. They are pirates and black trash anyways.
Author: Jurisar
blow those people up
Author: Dakus
Pirates on 21 century,excuse me, read t e r o r i s t ,pirates are euphemism,immediate action is necessary against this criminals,actions of US,Canada,Russia,China,India,E uropean countries,if you dont wish epidemic of "piratesism".
Author: Gokus
it's hard to believe that these large shipping companies don't have armed security on board to fight off piracy.
Author: Nihn
humane, not human... typing too fast
Author: Akinohn
3) Sink every vessel in Somali waters (to include fishing vessels).
Author: Doubar
How much would it cost to string layers of razor wire around a ships perimeter 10 feet below the main deck?claymore mines at he water line?Are we to believe that these ships do not carry some AK's or high powered rifles? what else is going on here that is not getting reported. insurance fraud? kick-backs? whats the real story?
Author: Moogule
If you have to unload 40 foot containers with your pick up winch you'll not make much headway..Perhaps the best thing is to take the ship apart..
Author: Goltigrel
just put a few SAS squads on the ship with sum homer launchers any pirates gone no prob
Author: Maukinos
They may not like it, but the world must put an end to this garbage!


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