Student accused of trying to give man HIV

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Author: Kizil
The very reason I'm 45 and celibate!!Has been for years!Protect yourselves people!
Author: Yozshujas
Smh .....just sad all the way around
Author: Vudoran
Dang. That weave with a two inch gap of pure baldness for her center part.......pitiful.
Author: Shakazragore
I Question the motives.
Author: Zulkir
Okay, she's wrong for that, BUT I bet the man is married or has a girlfriend. Men need to stop acting like they have NO control when it comes to sex. They'll take it from anybody. Not having ANY standards or boundaries they're liable to get something!!! Don't feel sorry for men like this.
Author: Muzragore
love that law
Author: Samujin
This is disgusting sad and pathetic. Men and women continue to be so thirsty and desperate. People that meet these women and men on social media are the worst. People better stop being thirsty and ask questions go get tested together! Damn dummies.
Author: Fenrinris
This vid was uploaded in 2015. Assuming she is about 21/22 now (2018)....I hope she is taking care of herself now. No matter the countless videos uploaded and stories told in the media......if ppl still think that they are invisible to these sicknesses/germs/diseases....then sadly and shamefully....there will be other new victims caught in the chain reaction. LOVE YOURSELF WHOLEHEARTEDLY TO PROTECT YOURSELF! hold the KEY to your own happiness.
Author: Shaktikinos
Only 5000 dollar bond? WOW
Author: Guzragore
Poor baby...somebody gave it to her and she's only in Highschool....Damn....
Author: Akinomi
Hmmmm....See any correlation? I don't want to sound racist so I won't tell you!
Author: Goltilkis
Ion mean to laugh when I read the title💯💯💯💯💯
Author: Kelmaran
💁🏽‍♀️Go Ask Magic Johnson and Cookie😏
Author: Kigagul
Wait .. everything else about this is equally crazy .. but was one of the stipulations for her to abstain from any sexual contact? Lmao yea right , she’s hot & ready 🤢
Author: Vishura
Death Penalty!!! That will make people responsible and open, after all, they (the positive person) are handing out death sentences!!!
Author: Tuzshura
Charlie Sheen is an exception???
Author: Mogami
Alkaline food,water and fasting can cure hiv
Author: Gat
the real crime here is that god damn wig
Author: Vutaur
Why wasn't he strapp .. smh
Author: Kajijar
I wish she had money like Charlie Sheen she would be ok
Author: Fek
Washington, D.C.
Author: Fenrizuru
Look like somebody must have did it to her so now she's out for Revenge ain't that a b* *
Author: Molkis
Men are so quick to raw dog someone. This is his fault as much as hers. Yes she has HIV and no she didn't tell him. But he should had common sense enough to protect himself no matter what.
Author: Kezragore
So we are not gonna acknowledge that it’s wrong to put an HIV positive 18 y/o all over the news ? I mean by all means she’s wrong but cmon this stil a kid 🤔
Author: Torr
Dam you bold for even sleeping with ppl that is probably not your boo or husband unprotected? Scary
Author: Murn
This is murder. What was she thinking.
Author: Gardagar
That's why you always use protection
Author: Tegar
don’t let this distract you got the warriors 4-0 🖕🏿 rockets 🚀
Author: Dataur
That's actually a compliment in Wakanda.
Author: Arazshura
Memphis, Tennessee.
Author: Dazragore
that's is why am 22 and virgin
Author: Tauhn
First the white man create the disease then spread it and then charge you
Author: Malazahn
18?????? Wow!!!!!! This is sad. 😳😳😞😞
Author: Meztimuro
Who gave it to her, how old was she and how old was the person who infected her is the real question.
Author: Mikasar
Better yet maybe we should just all live in a bubble...lmao
Author: Mezikora
Could be wtf they should keep track
Author: JoJogor
Reaping what you sow
Author: Tumuro
And behind bars is where she should stay just like anybody else! That's PREMEDITATED and possibly deadly....But MY mind blowing moment came when I realized she really was a high school student!!!
Author: Bar
Author: Vudotilar
Think of all the sick folks Working at fast food restaurants handling your food 😷😷😷😷😷😷
Author: Nikozahn
It's a cruel world.. hold your head child
Author: Nikojinn
HIV exists but AIDS doesn't take this word and do research if you want to live
Author: Malarg
A high school student...Woman ?
Author: Yozshukree
So when will Charlie Sheen get his day in court and prison 🤔🇬🇲
Author: Togis
Those kind of people don't pass high school they are passed through high school.
Author: Taujar
BT1100 at its finest hairhatted hooligan no remorse
Author: Kazilar
Hiv has no face. She looks healthy. Wow. Becareful people this is REAL
Author: Kigalar
She is lost
Author: Tashura
They had a hiv ad in this video, YOUTUBE PETTYY
Author: Akinojinn
Author: Jurr
Fix that weave🤦‍♀️
Author: Malarr
The lawyer said "she has her whole life ahead of her" lol she probably has less than 10years to live 😂🤦
Author: Arashigami
Great now I'm already feeling paranoid
Author: Tezuru
These stories are part of the reason people treat people with HIV such a bad way. They make a bad rep for all the others with HIV/Aids that don't try mess like this and are just trying to live their life.
Author: Yogal
Abstinence... until a trip to the clinic...
Author: Tojadal
Below are the top ten U.S. cities with the highest rates of HIV infection.
Author: Sataxe
And she don’t no
Author: Samugul
1 in 4 teenagers have hiv but that's to dame young to have it
Author: Taujind
LMAO I guess I will beat my meat for now on
Author: Guramar
Author: Sharr
This is what's wrong with today's kids... They have no emotions!
Author: Yozshurisar
Um THIS GENERATION pls pray for her and him too they will Nd it
Author: Ganris
Should get life in jail to protect the community.
Author: Gogal
Why do news anchors talk like thaaat?
Author: Tektilar
That hair shout get a death squad 😑
Author: Magul
Atlanta–Sandy Springs–Marietta, Georgia.
Author: Yozshukinos
That chick was way too excited telling those symptoms.
Author: Mooguzil
Protect yourself in every way!!
Author: Goltishakar
Why a teacher messing with a student
Author: Dijas
Ohmylawdd just having a bad hair day as well😱😱
Author: Gojas
Some get tested and it is negative...however you can still be a carrier...
Author: Zologami
You know what I'm retiring my player card. Fuc that!!!!!!
Author: Gardaramar
these wmn out here r giving them more jst 4 ur viscious greed
Author: Basho
Yall to be busy askn why is she so young with HIV. But what about the kids who are born with HIV ........ask about that more
Author: Dimi
So they charge her but didnt charge charlie sheen. Okay 😒
Author: Gardajar
Dude deserves it, he thought he was banging Warren Sapp
Author: Grobei
Haven't finish high school yet and She has HIV !? SMH
Author: Gosho
Aren't people supposed to be wearing CONDOMS?
Author: Faebar
she never force the virus into his blood
Author: Gull
Well let's thank the government for putting the virus out there
Author: Zulujind
May God bless her
Author: Meztinos
Go holla at Dr. Sebi , he’s students can cure you.
Author: Nikokora
Well people these days don't date anymore, they jump right in bed with anyone. They don't know anything about you and most don't care to know you. Such reckless behavior.
Author: Gazragore
Black women or so dam ingnorant
Author: Meztira
Omg this breaks my heart, she's only 18yrs old..
Author: Grozilkree
You have to be some type of person to sleep with that thing
Author: Zulkijinn
😩😩😩😩 she really look like
Author: Akigrel
It's sad how they look this young girl up But Charlie Sheen can get on live TV and say he has HIV and has given it to 300 something people and he still walks free... Smdh
Author: Medal
5000 dollar bond, r u forreal
Author: Samular
They be calling black 14 year old women and white 22 year old girls. But alright
Author: Aragar
Wow, be truthful from the gate!
Author: Mikakinos
This does happen. I read an article once. It was sad. Someone had given it to the girl and out of revenge of sorts, she was trying to pass it on to other people.
Author: Nikotaur
In California this would be a 50 dollar fine...coming soon to a community near you
Author: Diktilar
The government has a cure for everything all the way down to homelessness because they have enough money and resources to and for everything they have to create a certain type of disease or virus in order to find the cure...Therefore the government has a cure you just have to have the money and believe me when I say when the media lies to The American people like they’ve been doing since the beginning of time and say they don’t have a cure they mean they don’t have a Cure For the Poor!
Author: Zulkilmaran
The school principal should be fired.
Author: Doran
I think the person that gave her HIV should get locked up as well.
Author: Faenos
Attempted MURDER!🤬😡🤬
Author: Akikinos
That wig need a court hearing too.
Author: Mejora
Its like this just because a person looks good aren't always good for you recognize that
Author: Vudohn
It's unfortunate people still continue to put their health at risk. HIV doesn't have a specific look anymore (since the 90s era). Treat everyone as if they're positive or abstain from sex. This young lady at 18 yo, out there being irresponsible with other people and not disclosing her status is happening all across this country. I doubt she's even compliant with her meds so she's infectious too.
Author: Akisar
SMFH so sad protect yourself stds or any kind of anything don't have a type face or anything safe sex or no sex value yourself love yourself protect yourself please #RapItUp or back it up frfr💯
Author: Tajinn
Thats alot of ppl affected... 2000-4000 ppl...dam
Author: Nigis
The real question is .......
Author: Niktilar
Wow she has Hiv at a very young age.
Author: Kagasida
Does anyone kmow if she ever got sentenced?
Author: Grorisar
This is so scary!! I'm better off single. Can't trust anyone!!
Author: Vojora
Danger is everywhere, my last girlfriend a few months ago I found had 30 partners at 20yrs old and bust my eye requiring stitches, these ladies are damaged goods.
Author: Faurg
Jackson, Mississippi.
Author: Samucage
She's gonna look real cute in prison once that weaves removed. Bald with patches of hair
Author: Dugis
$5000 BOND. WOW
Author: Voodoolmaran
The man should be charged for commiting beastiality.😂😂😂
Author: Kazralkree
Did the camera man zoom into that part 💇
Author: JoJokus
18? Omg .. and she has HIV..😩
Author: Bralkis
Take a few minutes go to the free clinic together
Author: Zulugore
Make ya first date...a trip to the clinic
Author: Gashakar
00:59 he got 32 years.
Author: Tygoshicage
So sad...because some grown ass man gave this to her. My heart hues for her.
Author: Vushakar
New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner, La.
Author: Jusar
That hair 🤡🤣😂
Author: Zulkishakar
So we aren’t going to worry about how a high school student already has HIV? 😰
Author: Sahn
how is not disclosing your personal medical information a felony?
Author: Brale
Glued wig on its head!!😁😁😝
Author: Akinoshura
Author: Faunris
Don't trust anyone no matter how long you've known them
Author: Nasida
School should do a std test 2 times a year!
Author: Goltishakar
No cure but yet magic Johnson and his family had it and he’s doing fine also Charlie Sheen but they say he’s cured how is that possible if there isn’t a cure 🤔
Author: Kagarg
never go in raw - stupid man
Author: Zulkir
dats attempted murder
Author: Shaktigal
May the most High God... Forgive and well as protect this child from any danger in which she may face... May she find strength in her reality..
Author: Arakora
The saddest part of this story are the comments..she look good she don't look sick..when you look sick you're on your death bed..please educated yourself
Author: Faelrajas
Author: Zulura
How in the hell did a high school student contract hiv
Author: Kazitilar
I’m hollering at that leave out
Author: Nesida
Glad I'm celibate and gone stay that way..
Author: Zum
We've got a walking talking biological weapon down in the courtroom.
Author: Tojalkis
Those kind of people are many in Uganda
Author: Vudobar
I'm glad im celibate now!!!!! To much is going on now.
Author: Gugore
They need to do a story on Charlie Sheen doing the same thing to multiple women and why his show is still on tv.
Author: Akir
Some of you need to pick up a book. Ever heard of mother to child transmission? She could have contracted that virus young if something inappropriate happened to her. SMDH...
Author: Vulkree
Miami, Florida.
Author: Faumi
If people had a brain both partners would force each other to get tested first. Condoms are NOT 100% safe.
Author: Kekinos
18 with that shit Lord it's crazy
Author: Nezuru
Biological warfare... Remember Tuskeegee.
Author: Vojora
This is such a sad story. The young lady is so angry about contracting hiv, that she's trying to give it to any and every man she can. An act of revenge that should be treated as attempted murder that WILL RESULT in a death.
Author: Mezishura
What about CHARLIE SHEEN 🤷🏽‍♀️
Author: Kagale
Always rap it before you tap it
Author: Mogore
She deserves life in jail or the death penalty no exceptions if you are Hiv postive and you do not inform your sexual partners it's a crime.
Author: Malatilar
People Lie
Author: Visho
Everybody know if they got the shit they would probably infect everyone and anyone!!! That's true facts!!!!
Author: Karisar
It's s so sad l never won t date again I'm so 🙂☺l pass my test when people's lie on you it 😔🙁
Author: Kejas
She got a whole mustache 😂💀
Author: Tegami
Yall takin uo for someone who didn’t tell them they had hiv
Author: Merr
There is a cure. They need to stop saying it doesn't.
Author: Tygobei
i thought freedom of speech meant you are allowed to speak and allowed to NOT speak
Author: Musho
This is called attempted murder, 😨
Author: Zulkigul
People do not understand the science behind the virus. These laws were put in place as a scare tactic and out of fear of ignorance. Everyone should use protection when having sex. You should not trust anyone telling you that they are HIV negative unless you get tested together.
Author: Fenritaur
Unbelievable 🤦🏾‍♀️it’s horrible how people are so heartless and will purposely give it this disease to people 🤧
Author: Dailkree
well wmn watch out if ur tryin to get ah man with money 😂😂😂
Author: Mooguran
WOW!!. She got her wig SPLIT!!.
Author: Zulkimi
This world is corrupt!
Author: Mautilar
Most of the time it’s in black neighborhoods. I know it’s rampant in Newark.
Author: Zugrel
Author: Vudoll
Her hair....😒. Her part....😒🤔
Author: Mijar
this lady had to live w me when I was in 5th grade and she had hiv, she stayed sick and could never fight off her other illnesses and had purple spots allll over & always looked sick asf too, so i thought people with it were supposed to look a certain way but when I lost my virginity i didn’t trust the guy saying he didn’t have anything and when I saw we had mutual friends on facebook I stopped tripping and was like ok he’s clean like wtf 🤣 y’all would be so surprised if you look up the hiv status of people in your county, shits crazy over 16,000 people in Dallas have it 🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes you gotta wait 10+ years to even figure it out so y’all should just not fuck anyone lol
Author: Mezahn
I moved in with my mother to stay before I moved in my own home my brother lived with her we didn't get along becuz he was nuts and even tho he was grown my mother treated him like a child me and him argued a lot well I knew he was sick he looked sick but I didn't know what was wrong with him well I told him you need to f ing go some where and die well my boyfriend said you need to stop arguing with him becuz he don't look too good so I went to him had a heart to heart talk and made up I told him I loved him sometime passed and Xmas eve my mother found him dead she went to cut his alarm clock off and he was dead after that my mother started exhibiting behavior of Altzheimer she just lost her mind I feel she had a broken heart we'll while cleaning out his my brothers room I found some medical papers saying he was Hi v positive then I thought back when I got to her house and hugged my mom then I asked the medics if I could go in his room and see him they said yes and when I walked in he had lesions on his face and neck you know what if he would have told me I would have tried to be there for him and my mom was insane by now and I couldn't even ask her why why didn't you tell me all this time there both dead now so if you have someone you love and can't figure out what's wrong humble yourself and exstend your love,understsnding,compassion,etc.just be willing to not allow your petty feeling to get in the way of what may be the last days you will have with someone you love I still don't know why she didn't tell me unless he asked her not to😇😇
Author: Fauhn
Date ya hand you know its clean
Author: Tusida
Jesus! High schoolers?! Just think about the boys she slept with in school that’s not going to say anything ⚠️🤬
Author: Kanris
Sick hoodrat. How low can you go
Author: Kajinn
Stay Woke not Wide Awake and Still Stupid...
Author: Daijinn
WTF smmfh💯 smmfh scandalous
Author: Tojanos
People can be born with this stuff, Also doing drugs using needles
Author: Yozshukora
Wow she is so young and has HIV
Author: Tojagis
A high school student with hiv wtf
Author: Vujas
Author: Fenrilrajas
Hair hatted BT9000 with a tainted coochie.
Author: Maukora
Stories like these make me thank The Most High my fiancee informed me pf his status before we engaged in any type pf sexual activity. He's on his meds now amd undetectable. And I'm happy because he's not only healthier now but he can't pass his HIV on to me or anyone else...
Author: Dir
The real question is who gave this baby the disease
Author: Brazragore
OmG.I hope she hasn't spread it in school.
Author: Vugami
So she had it since 2015 ? Smh poor girl feel bad for her because she's young ...
Author: Mazum
high school student? Lord have mercy... The society needs JESUS
Author: Shahn
Being sexually PREMISCOUS with no condom set you up for all types of diseases
Author: Shakadal
Author: Arashira
I wish i could post reaction gifs/memes
Author: Negal
Just the wig alone deserves a life sentence
Author: Nikozil
So many sweet positive and encouraging words. Why pray that the other person that didn't use protection doesn't get it and that The Most High turns this young ladies prognosis around? People stop fornicating and wait for marriage. It's not worth losing your life over.😬
Author: Taukasa
Oooh there is a cure but they won't tell you that
Author: Shakajinn
I just...... I cant....
Author: Mobei
Bruh u couldn’t look at her hair and tell she wasn’t wrapped too tight 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂
Author: Nibar
Where is she in 2018 almost 2019 !? 🤔
Author: Fenrigore
How tf you got hiv and you only in high school??😭😭 was she born with it?
Author: Kashura
And we aren’t worried about hippa laws who protects this minor ?
Author: Tojagor
He's at fault too...comdoms
Author: Natilar
Baltimore–Towson, Maryland.
Author: Magar
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Author: Yozshulrajas
Why is a man dating a highschool student (regardless if she's 18)?!
Author: Bragis
STD, should have that rule as well
Author: Dulkree
This is why I dont mess around at all life is precious dont risk it now in days you cant trust anyone.
Author: Zolozahn
18 yrs old with HIV !? 🤦🏻‍♂️ The end is Coming !!
Author: Basida
It should be stated on the person's ID! Period!
Author: Fauktilar
You should be BRANDED
Author: Nasida
Wait are you both married no so do rhey.are both wrong


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