Surprising political trend on Facebook

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Author: Yocage
If anyone tells you that they are voting for a republican, tell them to sit down and then call an ambulance for them because they are sick. Not only are they a threat to themselves but also to family members and loved ones.
Author: Milmaran
The mainstream left-wing liberal media are liars, bias and irresponsible when it comes to objective news reporting. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are media which consist of mostly liberal democrats will NEVER tells the TRUTH when it comes to conservative Republicans and will ALWAYS give the lying Obama a pass because the liberal media is in bed with the ANOINTED ONE!!! As a result, too many are brain washed with liberal propaganda that won't work this time with the smart America people.
Author: Arashiran
Fuck you all republicans you are fucking liars
Author: Mogal
What if all the FB mention are people saying Obama or Romney are assholes ?
Author: Sazuru
@spencerchef yeah...based on killing the private sector, ushering in single payer (universal healthcare. You're the "tool" dummy. You're just too stupid to know it. and that goes for the "republicans are liars" koolaid drinker too. #LibsRidiots nuff sedd!
Author: Mim
I mention our Marxist-in-Chief (that's Obama, for all you koolaid drinking Democrat supporters out there)...and I can assure you, being mentioned IS NOT indicative of who votes for/or against Obummer.
Author: Niramar
Obama is the buffoon. He persuades the American people to believe that he really knows what to do to fix the U.S. economic situation and pay down the debt, but he absolutely does not. In his own issued Federal annual report there is a chart that shows how he expects the debt to spiral out of control after around 2016. Yet, he goes on TV and acts like Romney has no idea what he's doing.
Author: Gardale
Author: Dushura
I hate Romney But it is really disgusting to have to watch CNN sucking Obama's dick on a daily basis !
Author: Tygogis
Romney had a successful career in private equity, but he doesn't know anything about the private sector? Give me a break. That's what Obama insinuates in his speeches. He did it at CU Boulder recently, and all the students walked away thinking that Romney's career was a hoax. Whether you like the business history of Romney or not, there is no hiding that he's successful from a free-thinking person. Obama is at least as much of a buffoon as Romney.
Author: Shaktirn
Romney can go fuck himself. there he got a mention he must be winning #cnnlogic
Author: Tygorr
The only thing Romney adds do is to force people to Fact Checks... This is 2012.. Romney hasn't realized YET, that Political Lies are a lot harder to get away with. Today's Voter can go back and pull words that were said Decades ago, and compare them to what those same Politicians say today. (IE) Character Checking, And in this area, Mitt Romney is A MAJOR FAIL...
Author: Guzshura
his health care plan is based on the private sector. Hows that marxist. Your a fucking republican tool.
Author: Dujin
Can anything be ruled out? Personally, I'm not very religious, however, I believe it's important to recognize that our universe was created by an explosion of matter and we are limited to what we can see in the "observable universe." With that said, it is rather closed-minded to assume that religion is only valid if it is within the same boundaries of man.


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