The New Tax Calculator: President Obamas Plan vs. Mitt Romneys

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Author: Vobei
Can anyone tell me where they found the information about Romney wanting to raise taxes on anyone let alone the middle class?
Author: Shakami
The numbers are somewhat correct, but at the same time, misleading.
Author: Brashicage
This ad hits where it hurts - the pocket.
Author: Kitaxe
I love, love, love OBAMA ads because they always speaks truth to crazy, e.g. romneyhood
Author: Fesar
The numbers are not a comparative, but a contrast. For example:
Author: Meztibar
Obama 2012!
Author: Vira
I'm all for Obama's tax plan, but this software is a bogus political stunt. Come on!!
Author: Shaktitaxe
I would end up paying a boat-load more under Romney and say a ton under O'bama.
Author: Dimi
Romney hasn't even paid taxes in 10 years, so how would he know anything about them?
Author: Nikomi
don't forget that Romney demanded Al Gore release his tax returns .. sounds a little hypocritical to me
Author: Tudal
Author: Shaktirn
If I made 47,000, the chart says that under Obama, I save $1625 under Obama, and an increase of $431 under Romney.
Author: Doramar
Why don't I see this on tv?
Author: Kazigar
Romney wants to become president to protect billionaires like himself! He said himself he will not take care of the poor!
Author: Mir
Obama said Romneyhood and Romney responded Obamalouney....hahaha love it..what a nice comeback by Mit
Author: Brazahn
Romney's tax plan is Robin Hood in reverse. Steals from the poor and give to the rich.
Author: Mikadal
Thank you President O'bama.
Author: Gasho
This is my favorite ad so far. Obama 2012!
Author: Gardagul
This ad is great. So far the President's ads have been perfectly constructed to get the average American to pay attention to the fact that Romney has no clue what it is like to be an average American.
Author: Samukasa
Thank you Obama for saving my life, if it wasn't for the health care plan my serious health conditions would have killed me. OBAMA 2012
Author: Grokree
If the chart was made the same in comparison - and not a contrast - it would look like this. I save $1625 under Obama, and save $1194 under Romney.
Author: Nikogore
what's Willard hiding? it must be something devastating. no other possible conclusion.
Author: Akijin
THE FACTS...THE TRUTH...That's all Obama needs to show America. And Obama will win re-election...NO PROBLEM! So, Let The Truth Make Us Free...OF RMONEY!
Author: Kagak
So the chart is pretty much correct. It just makes Romney look....bad, or...well.....less....good.
Author: Zulugul
Propaganda, this commertial is.


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