The Sun Follows The Rhythm Of The Planets - New Research

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Author: Mikaramar
Rudolph Steiner talked about this in the 1920’s
Author: Maugore
I say it is rockplanets orbit together = 1363 days / 4 = 340,75 days.
Author: Arazil
Heavy stuff
Author: Arajinn
I find this interesting.. However missing pieces are present. One of the major ones being the fact that space is water.
Author: Nile
Love yall
Author: Mikagul
YouTube is Comming for you as you are not main stream.
Author: Daizil
This was a good report ...YES, there seems to be unilateral agreement on the 11 year cycle.
Author: Meztijar
I was aware that the possibility that the Planets in our Solar System might have a role in the formation and actions of Sunspots for a long time now, but I don't think that there has been any consensus as to the specifics of the proposed causes.
Author: Nalkis
A cause other than Magnetic disturbances and Gravity had been proposed some years ago. That cause being "Electric" in Nature . . . that the Planetary Bodies are actually Charged and the interaction of these charged fields might work in concert with the aforementioned Forces.
Author: Sakazahn
Perhaps...BUT "correlation does NOT mean causation. IF the sun is traveling along an electro-magnetic current that is one polarity of a bipolar helix, it might be possible that both the sun and planets are simultaneously affected by an external force.(?) The solar cycle is NOT fixed at 11 years, but waivers to some extent which might be accounted for by the degree of twist of the imagined helix.
Author: Sharamar
There are no islands in space, all things are interconnected.
Author: Nagis
Simple concept that answers a seemingly complex observation.👍
Author: Nasida
Author: Zulkikora
Yes, but what happens if a massive object collides with Jupiter...and now that debris heads for Earth?
Author: Zukora
Awesome information thank you 🙏
Author: Mubei
Any thoughts out there?
Author: Akinoshicage
Yes! Thank you!!
Author: Maukora
The science is strong in this one. I wonder what the tipping point is for Earths pole flip. Great research yall!
Author: Mazucage
Awesome info! Thanks for sharing! 👍👍👍👍👍😊
Author: Turisar
We are learning more about Solar System relationships between Gravity and Magnetism. Thank you for the Report.
Author: Karn
Like 113! 😊 👋💋
Author: Groshakar
Science news say 2015 that Sun short cycle is about 330 days.
Author: Fenrikazahn
My problem is that the Mass and the Magnetic fields of the sun are considerably larger than the rest of the planets combined, to be of much effect, and not all generate magnetic fields as the Earth does. As far as Electric Fields . . . I have no idea.
Author: Negul
Thank you Grand Solar Minimum. 👍👍
Author: Faugrel
Interesting observation though, could be totally correct, but I'm not ready to blindly accept that the planets sway the actions of the sun just yet, given the size and magnetic field strength differences. I'm sure there will be numerous studies commencing to verify or adjust the theory.
Author: Gardacage
Very interesting! This should open other horizons for understanding our solar system and earth climate with more evidence based and informed decisions and models that work with better accuracy .


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