Trumps Brain Bizarrely Glitches, Again

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Author: Faugami
He has trouble reading, the guy's barely literate, that why so many of his 'speeches' are off the cuff ramblings.
Author: Tekus
He said it himself ─ "I have the best words."
Author: Doubei
Author: Daim
Hes brain didnt glitch, this just shows tRump HAS NO IDEA of what hes talking about and starts making sht up ...
Author: Nit
He's probably taking the drugs he is fighting a war against.
Author: Vudoktilar
Or don't plug him back in
Author: Fauk
Here's something totally unrelated. Does Trump ever laugh? I don't think I've ever seen him laugh, like, never.
Author: Kagami
I have worked in the psychiatric nursing field for three decades. Trump has been under such a huge amount of stress due to his own making. He is, I am presuming here, aware of all of his questionable business dealings and all of the multi-layered half truths and outright lies. This leads to stress and to the extent that he may likely be a narcissistic personality, it does eventually lead to greater and greater pressure. You would need to be completely devoid of any human consciousness not to have some effect. Having said that. I believe his primary concern is to avoid accountability of any kind. This then would cause him to worry about close contact that might lead to a tracking of events. He would, in all likelihood, not be able to give an accurate accounting of his daily movements much less his thought processes. I would venture to surmize that he may become more angry, defensive and erratic the more the public becomes aware of his deficits. Your presentation is a glimpse into the life of a true deviant.
Author: Kajitilar
To be forgotten by his biggest fan..
Author: Vokazahn
Also this could be a prelude of a "... im crazy, so im not accountable in court!" defense...
Author: Yozshulkis
“I know words, I have the best words” - Orange Clown Trump
Author: Mukasa
“The oranges” lmao lmao omg god bless the people that voted for this guy! They’re obviously staying away from the video, I hear crickets in the comment section. Where’s all his defenders?
Author: Gura
So his worst dream will be realized ..
Author: Nerr
Maybe the CIA is keeping him drugged so he doesn't blow up the world.
Author: Mur
"But we will stop....🤯...."
Author: Dougore
As an example of the effect of drugs.
Author: Mikam
He's the crazy grandpa with radically crazy political beliefs. Unfortunately he' actually president.
Author: Nikojora
Trump makes Bush Jr sound like a physics professor. Lol
Author: Mikam
Just unplug him and plug him back in
Author: Sakus
Oh. I see why they invited Trump.
Author: Arashikinos
Program failing...Oranges?? well, he is talking about himself...
Author: Dalrajas
I work in mental health and disability support. If you've seen dementia before, you recognise it. Trump is in cognitive decline.
Author: Arajind
It's too damn funny that his brain stopped working at the moment he said the word, "stop". Perfect timing! 🧠🛑😶.......uhhhhhh
Author: Gozuru
I can only echo the words of Robert De Niro, Trump is a bum.
Author: Taushura
The oranges of the investigations.
Author: Fenrira
Amongst many things, I believe he is also suffering from impostor syndrome.


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