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Author: Fenrikinos
Thank you for your vigilance and my wife and I will keep you in prayer.
Author: Gushakar
I heard you mention creating a video on John Paul Jackson - how could I be immediately notified of this video when you've completed it? I've been looking for more information on him for some time now, but cannot find much.
Author: Gami
Recently came across your videos. Solid work. Keep it up. I was a practicing witch and involved in the occult and it makes my eye twitch to no end when I see hot garbage like this being passed off as christian. "Christian" is now being used more as a term of "family friendly" instead of representing Jesus The Christ.
Author: Megar
ETA: I was in the new age for a very long time. I read tarot, oracle cards, studied shamanism, spirit guides, meditations, etc. These cards are almost identical to many sets of oracle cards that I owned. I even gave readings to give people guidance on being good people, and moving forward in life. Animal guidance decks are very popular in new age. It is DEMONIC. It is not of God. I was so deceived.
Author: Zulkijora
This is what people look to when they quit reading the word, praying, and waiting on the Father to lead us. There is very little discernment in today’s churches. It is easier to flip a card, and attribute the results that tickle their ears from demonic influence to the “spirit”. They are wrong to use—one has to ask, when did Jesus tell us to look to any place other than the Father and the Holy Spirit? Paul asks, who hath bewitched you?! This is divination, because it requires a person to flip a card, put faith in it, and actually follow what they show. Please repent, and quit looking for shortcuts to know Gods will.
Author: Faulkis
My gift of discernment tells me this is not good.
Author: JoJosho
Thank you for this critical look at these new age ways invading the church. Unbelievable how the devil has blinded many to the truth. We are all in danger of being tricked, and therefore must test the spirits, watch our own spiritual pride, and seek the Lord first, always remembering our only righteousness comes from Jesus Christ. God Bless!
Author: Felar
It's embarrassing to see someone as old as this talking such silly new-age rot.
Author: Vozil
...they are all connected......practicing necromancey,Ben fitzgerald I's Jen hodge son, he was a pastor at bethel church and took a bethel Christian team to the graves to pray and receive their mantels,,, sorry for going on a bit,I wanted to cancel this message ,God bless to all .test the spirit daily ,put on the armour of God because it's not going to get any better,we just have to be vigilant.and be a watchman or woman,in these last days ....😉
Author: Talabar
I used to believe JP Jackson was real, but he really went off to left field. He began a training ministry to teach how to prophesy and interpret dreams. He may have had a gift, but unfortunately I feel after reading his later work, he had truly changed to new age completely.
Author: Meztigar
All this is new age...I know I done it for 7 years, I sat in a top medium circle.pshchic,tarot,astral travel ,energy healing is reki.i trained for reki master,animal guides,shamanic,meditation.opening up the chakras is to do with colour through meditation, seeing spirit guides .visualizing spirits of demonic realm......I walked into a church 4 weeks after my brother died age 33 of drugs,,five and a half years ago.on the day I was to join another medium circle.and gave my life to Christ,,,praise God,I have seen the work of new age in the churches,kundalini spirit which comes from Hinduism,....I have actually had a friend say to me that I may watch people may think I'm a Pharisee,,lol....the bible says study to show yourself approved.also test the spirit,,, I WAKEND 3 nights in a row at 2.50 am and fought hard not to obey the message I had to take to a local church,those 3 nights i couldnt get back to sleep,until I was obedient that I submitted to doing it,,the chapter was JERIMIAH 23......also to tell the pastor of the spirit of deduction in the church..I was asked to elaborate.more...then I felt a bit lost,3 nights no sleep.fighting against what I felt God put on my heart.so i went home and prayed.feeling like an idiot,and was led to JERIMIAH1= 7 .8.9and it says.but the Lord said unto me,say not,I am a child: for though shalt go to all that I send thee,and whatsoever I command there with the lord,8.....be not afraid of their faces:for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the lord,9 then the lord put fourth his hand and touched my mouth.And the Lord said behold,I have put my words in thy mouth.................also bethel has played and preached in this church. also other stuff has been highlighted in a local newspaper colum.... I'm n.ireland,I have found myself studying more of the connections in what you are revealing....it go's way deeper with john g lake,complete and utter fake. connected to pharmites 17 members traveld to africa because of pharmite killings,,read into john Alexander dowie ...who thought he was the second Elijah,also charles parham.jailed for eliting sex with male boys
Author: Fedal
Anyone who reads Scripture and has faith in Christ would know that we don't need any sort of divination whatsoever because our future is in Christ.
Author: Kajilar
Jen Hodges is a satanic new age witch. To say that these are not tarot cards are stupid!
Author: Melkis
Dear Laura, i live in Australia and have contacted once before. I dont want to repeat myself again. To cut a long story short. I have attended my local church for almost 3 years. I have in the past been involved in "new-age ,Course in miracles etc.. i gave my "heart"to Jesus at age 11. I did think i was finally at a Church that truly loved the Lord and taught the true Word of God .being an older person (80 in May) some of the things i thought as a bit "new age" i put down to my age, and decided to keep an open mind, however i prayed for discernment and wisdom. Since finding your ministry i feel my prayer was answered. My Church did have the children make cards and share them as "prophetic" at the time iwas uncomfortable ,then recentlty my Pastors senior and junior both recommended Todd White,to watch him on youchube "quote". Also other members introduced me to ,Heidi Baker ,Patricia King, Sid Roth and others. I started to view hours and hours of these and others including Bill Johnson,. I Observed how they twist Scripture and are following other spirits. ( not the Holy Spirit) .iam a mother/grandmother and great/grand m.) On a few accassions my famil members ( not practising Christians have attended the Church)-:i have e.mailed my Pastor my concerns, but he challenged me, on my lack of discernment and qoute ! Black and white vision unquote. I have decided to stay away from my Church ,pray and stay in Gods Word. My constant prayer is that my family will not be harmed by my poor choices, that the Holy Spirit will convict of there need of a Saviour, Jesus Christ. A bit long i know .God Bless your Ministry and youselves. Dolores, in Australia.
Author: Dazragore
I ask because I was raised in the Word of Faith, and as an adult I became involved w/ JPJ & Streams Ministries for dream interpretation due to a dream I had, that I just needed to know what it meant. Since coming out of all this, it has been really difficult for me to discern when it comes to the Word, JPJ, and dream interpretations. It's really messed me up! I'm just looking to gain clarity and a better understanding - I believe you do a great job of providing that. Thank you again Laura!
Author: Faegul
That was aweful yeah we don't need Jesus, just cards to be SAVED are you kidding me who does this!!
Author: Grogor
That woman looks like a witch.
Author: JoJohn
It’s not biblical so it’s wrong.
Author: Faezil
Hi Laura - thanks again for you video and standing watch so vigilantly!
Author: Mujas
Im not sorry she looks like the witch from scooby doo sooo that explains everything
Author: Nenos
first time i saw todd white i knew he is a fraud. God Thank you discernment you have given me. :)
Author: Dijind
She is right. These are not tarot cards. They are oracles cards, which is still divination...which is prohibited in the Bible. Period.
Author: Tekinos
At 12:56 you say “religious images are forbidden by scripture.” No they are not, the creating of a religious image to worship it is.If religious images are forbidden Moses would not have created an ark with Angels on it. God would have been contradicting himself. Its these type of teachings that people are talking about “contradictions in scriptures” you need to watch what you say.
Author: JoJogis
Hey Laura!! Add me on as another sub!!!
Author: Mulkree
Please do not go down this path! It leads to destruction.
Author: Faekinos
Your statement at 8:41 that the Holy Spirit can only do things in the confines of the word of God...where is that in scripture?
Author: Taushakar
she starts off with saying this isn't from any book. Therefore it clearly is NOT biblical ! That ends the conversation right there!
Author: Dairan
Someone I go to Church with posted an announcement about Shawn Bolz. I researched what he does and was really surprised that what he does could be considered as acceptable.



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