Vice President Osinbajos Speech 10th Bola Ahmed Colloquium in Lagos

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Author: Zuzragore
This is exactly why PMB will not allow VP Osinbajo to perform publicly! What this man has said here shows he is in full understanding and command of the affairs of Nigeria. PMB support your VP while you go and rest!
Author: Vikree
After carefully listen to the full speech of the VP Osinbanjo, i come to understand that Mr Osinbanjo is actually intelligent in error, what do i mean, through his speech one can deduce how good his diction's are well chosen, look at the errors of his speech, one, he said that in 2014, oil price was between 100 to 116 dollars par barrel, that's error or lies, by 2014 oil price was down to about 38 dollars par barrel which was the reason Jonathan government have to reduce the fuel price to #84 per litter, secondly he said they spent more on physical project in the area of road, housing, agriculture etc, when we are earning less but he fail to tell us how much they have borrowed so far, the apc have borrowed just in three years what pdp did not borrow in sixteen good years, we must face the reality and the fact, and also he talked about corruption he failed to tell us that it was pdp who created all the agencies of anti corruption, be it efcc, icpc, name it, and it was pdp who prosecuted it members, most of their formal governors and ministers, disgraced and sacked a seating corrupt IG of police, Osinbanjo did not tell us what they have done about the hungry children they saw in Zanfra during campaign, how much they have invested in their lives as suggested by Bill Gate, one wonders how come when in the last sixteen years when the government in power then was spending less and people were eating three squire meal daily and now that another government apc claimed to have spend more and people are eating less poverty increase, hunger increased, criminality increased, inflation for first time enters double digit, still no electricity, no water, no road, no food, education in shambles, illiteracy going up high, the claims of apc and mr VP did not have any correspondence physically on the state of Nigeria and on the life of Nigerians.
Author: Fauran
VP Osinbajo is the Next president of Nigeria after PMB in Jesus mighty name .Amen
Author: JoJojind
good leaders
Author: Volkree
This should be shared on facebook. Osinbanjo for president
Author: Akinonos
Well we can see today the loads of lies .. how many project have they concluded ? And how many lives have they saved ? This man talking could only speak very good English and with that he communicated very good lies .. well he was told to deliver the written speech ! Shame for a paper pastor
Author: Kagazil
Buhari is not fighting corruption, he is fighting Nigerian and killing the people with his fulani kinsmen called herdsmen. We salute Osibajo.
Author: Nashura
I thought they said he was a pastor ( Although I can hear he is more intelligent than Buhari). Please tell me how is it possible to know God in truth and in spirit and still become a Nigerian leader or Russian leader? Just for the mere fact that I have spent a few years in the West, when I visit Nigeria I can feel hear a profound level of corruption as it stinks in all nooks and crannies of Nigerian system. How can anyone know God for real and attain such high position? To enter into the kingdom of God one must be able to speak out shout exempt themselves where when ever cheating is about to occur to their knowledge.
Author: Bragore
This is a great team for Nigeria. If Nigerians fails to hear truth and accept truth they have themselves to blame when Nigeria is falling. Too many people are used to theft that’s why no matter what this government does they will not see. Long live Buhari, Osinbajo and The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Author: Maugrel
This guy lack respect for Ooni as a Yorubaman he should know better if Emir of Kano or Sultan of Sokoto he would have given them the accolades. He preferred to call oba of Lagos and acknowledged him rather than Ooni this is very annoying especially someone who married a granddaughter of Awolowo.
Author: Mikataur
Deep and real, more blessings.
Author: Nalkree
Reason why i cast my vote for apc in 2015 Yemi very vibrant kudos to you sir.
Author: Gardasho
Sir, kudos for an inspiring speech. You are never going to stop corruption completely. Corruption takes myriad of forms. Some are progressive and some are very regressive to the point of eating the the souls of a society, any society. What is most needed here is inscrutable transparency, meritocracy and accountability. I think your government is on to something in dealing with what has been the bane of the Nigerian politics and governance. And that's been the culture of pandemic corruption and impunity. Looking at some of the people present in that colloquim, I saw some of the same people that have been part of the kleptocracy that ripped the guts out of the economy of the country over the years. By the way, why are these old and tired geriatrics in their sixties and seventies not making and paving ways for the younger ones to take the helm of governance? Bring them on board. The faster, the better. After all it is their future. It is their country. Thanks again sir for a good speech. Please allow your deliberations, policies and actions to speak volumes for your government.
Author: Yozshukasa
He show's the skills as a professor
Author: Grogor
Buhari/Osinbajo please take note, that your work can only be successful if improved on AGRICULTURE VALUE CHAIN, or else diversifying will not yield the good result DO NOT JUST DIVERT PEOPLES ATTENTION TO FARM WITHOUT SOLUTION
Author: Voodoozragore
Celebrating a crook...I just dey here dey look una wey dey Naija. Vote these crooks abi Jagaban out. Nonsense
Author: Vor
fools of Nigeria government fooling their self and stealing what ment for people....God will expose u people one day
Author: Bajin
The best Vice President so far
Author: Kajirg
See Pastor


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