Wearable Technology Could be the Future of Fashion

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Author: Tygolar
Author: Vudosida
does it spy on you lol
Author: Maugis
Author: Mikagar
damn i want the sneakers :D they look good by themselves, and with something personal even cooler.
Author: Shaktigis
Humans are cursed! They'll find a way to propell themselves and others back into the dark ages. RIP technology, it was good while it lasted
Author: Aralar
Getting the public ready for implantable chips, sigh.
Author: Vigul
but it's good we have varieties
Author: Nikokazahn
No thanks to all. Computers still break quicker than any shoes. Not going to give any info to be data mined.
Author: Moogukree
Yay. No f*** jobs for anyone.
Author: Tesar
And that's how you move manufacturing back to nations with minimum wage :)
Author: Murg
What happened to Journeyman? :(
Author: Kigazshura
that Vixole is almost similar to Shift Wear.
Author: Malajas
Not long before you'll be implanting these devices. Don't mix clay and iron.
Author: Malkis
For as long as my house requires the installation of an additional 20 outlets wearables aren't going to go mainstream. Only wireless charging will jumpstart this sector.


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