What Did The Fed Do With 9 Trillion Dollars?

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Author: Malagami
it makes me sick
Author: Kigami
"Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”
Author: Mucage
The fed is unconstitutional and needs to dealt with. I am not a libertarian and I agree with them on this.
Author: Voodoogrel
the market when into red . so you full of shit and the fed is buying 85 billion a mo and has rates at 0 i was right on the money
Author: Shakashura
US National debt about 17 trillion .US unfunded liabilities over
Author: Gardara
Can US, EU and China have the same currency instead of national currencies? The biggest exchange of goods in the word as far as I know is done between these major federations that represent all together 31,2% of the world population and 53,7% of the global GDP.
Author: Kajigar
... what about a common currency emitted by the Internationally Monetary Found ... one currency for US + EU + CHINA ? ...
Author: Mazulmaran
with trump we all well have money now
Author: Meztimuro
so you say they are not privately owned? what about the federal taxes? since when they give their profits to the treasury? are you on dope?
Author: Nalmaran
124 trillion . government off budget items .
Author: Akigul
somebody defend a private bank that controls the currency its like defending a snake for being poisonous. it just is, its just bad, period.
Author: Kajisida
Govermenace Polytricks and financial terrorism commited by Banksters
Author: Gukazahn
on the DEBT when interest rate go up that 100 of billions dollars
Author: Bralmaran
But the reverse applies to our wool / butter .
Author: Niramar
did Obama zionist get the money from welfare they saying
Author: Kataxe
Baron M.A. Rothschild
Author: Kagarn
Money printed by Fed should be distributed to the American People over eighteen evenly, not loaned to the Banks. We will spend or invest,save as we wish. The Proper Use of the Fed. #Awaken #Freeyocheck Tactical Financial Combat 😎
Author: Gamuro
All I know is my peas and raspberries taste great! Time for America to get planting.
Author: Kikazahn
jun 19 2013 . the us government run 5 billion in debt per day did you see how
Author: Katilar
@kentakeyt yes . it is called The Credit . One US Credit = One China Credit = One UK Credit = One Australian Credit = One German Credit etc etc. No, they wouldnt like it . Yes , it could work . But it would deprive them of one billion US$ per deim , so, naturally , they will be screaming . I wonder who would scream the loudest ?
Author: Munos
buy yen and juan! They gonna explode in the future!
Author: Akinokasa
@jbprassas --- we are not able to replace money as a way of exchanges goods and services between us ... if the financial system is crashing we'll experience dooms day ... one can survive in small communities without money
Author: Voodoozshura
bring rates up and stop QE because of BOOM BOOM BOOM
Author: Aranos
The big banks have 700 trillion in derivatives on there books
Author: Tuzuru
thanks very interesting video, it would be useful to re-title it because it's part 2 of ... the previous video.:)
Author: Nikot
Offshore Dark Bank Accounts, non extradition municipalities. #Awaken #Freeyocheck Tactical Financial Combat 🤔😐
Author: Mozahn
Author: Kigak
Dear Thom. I'm truly sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but the Plundering of the American dollar is and has been the single motivational factor. Collapse the American dollar and usher in the Amero AND ANYONE WHO THINKS OTHER Is obviously not paying attention. Destroy the dollar Destroy the constitution usher in the NWO period . they want it NOW right now ..
Author: JoJozil
interest rates go up the big banks would fail .
Author: Goll
....so......you wanna know who owns your Fed ......ok, but understand this, he has Front Men...he doesnt want to be seen.
Author: Kazikora
I would be able to buy a Westinghouse washing machine, it would just cost me more than it costs a US person.
Author: Mezinos
the fed is buying 85 billion in debt each mo and has rates at 0
Author: Fautaxe
i saw the fomc meeting board of governors of the federal reserve system
Author: Faujinn
I can sure as hell tell you what little money I do have left if the dollar collapses and I become broke because of our Government I will be looking for someone that has Money to take it out on I am Dead serious I cant believe our government has squandered our hard earned Tax money and played around with it like it was there one Look out rich people if this happens.
Author: Shakataur
your wrong take away QE and low rates and BOOM
Author: Tejora
Well when Joe Q American wakes up to a nation of bank runs, stock implosion and 401k depletion I hope he gets in his car and drives to that womans front door and jogs her memory of where his families life savings went....
Author: Kigami
they going to keep rate like that to 2015. But it's a lie they can't
Author: Vor
2010 The USA government payed 413 billion in interest payments
Author: Kagamuro
fucktards thats there name
Author: Turisar
What did they do with $9 trillion dollars?........they bought corporation they bought more houses more cars and trucks they paid for their mistresses bills they put their kids through schools they bought degrees skip through school and party up a blizzard bought weapons and bought the police and millitary and bought people's wives and kids and turn them into sex slaves...they bought and paid the government and bought drugs and porn sites and bought even animals.....these sick bastards......Heck'....the list goes on and on.......that's where the American hard People money went to.........can I at least get a million dollars???.......it's not like the America is broke.....frfr.....
Author: Goltirn
if they give their earnings to the treasury then whats the need for the fed let the treasury print its own money create its own money and lend to the bankls... why do you need a private bank doing that? it would be a great deal for the ppl would it not? creating money and lending it to the banks the banks would pay the interest to the gov and that would pay the interest the ppl would pay on their loans making the money almost free?
Author: Moogurn
the government would have to pay out on the debt
Author: Nikorr
true or not true
Author: Malalkree
so how much did they extended
Author: Jular
after all money are just a game between all of us ... you can not eat money ... shelter with money ... drive money ... they are only a mean of exchange ...
Author: Gasar
when the fed stop buying debt and let rates go up GAME OVER


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