Woman Claims Flight Attendant Kicked Her Off Flight in Airplane Mode Dispute

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Comments "Woman Claims Flight Attendant Kicked Her Off Flight in Airplane Mode Dispute":

Author: Nak
People suck! Just follow the rules!!!!!
Author: Galmaran
Did no one pay attention to the video? All I'm seeing is people saying she should have turned it off, but she said she did...
Author: Vizuru
Should have just followed instruction of turning on airplane mode
Author: Mikat
"STORMS OFF" just kind of wiggles down the aisle 😂
Author: Talrajas
Lady: OK.
Author: Kajizilkree
Just put your phone on airplane mode, why is it so hard to do!
Author: Tautaxe
Author: Tecage
Five people were kicked off because SHE couldn’t press ONE BUTTON!!!! 🙄
Author: Kajizilkree
Jesus Christ just put it in airplane mode, you don’t have to fight each other, it’s literally a button on your dam phone that takes 2 seconds to turn on, Jesus Christ these people want to always be the victim of these things.
Author: Kibar
Flight attendant: PUT YOUR PHONE ON AP MODE.
Author: Tygoshakar
drama queen
Author: Guk
Airlines Sell You Wi-Fi if you Pay Up During your Flight Turning On Airplane Mode Would Disconnect you from WiFi on Most Common Smart Phones so This is a Contradicting
Author: Kazizshura
United Airlines.
Author: Mole
the flight attendant didn't look aggressive hell... seems professional enough. If she warned about the airplane mode multiple times then you should have done it. Don't know how to do it? turn off the phone...
Author: Zugal
Author: Maukazahn
This could of been avoided if you put on airplane mode.
Author: Fenricage
So, what is the "moral" of the story????
Author: Grolabar
Just go to airplane mode wtf , it’s 1 button
Author: Kajin
It was a SkyWest plane? Oh, guess what SkyWest is a part of...
Author: Taujora
Put your phone in airplane mode maybe🤷‍♂️
Author: Arasar
i have a soloution PUT UR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE
Author: Akim
MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! This is what happens whenever you get into affairs that do not concern you. If these females would have just kept their mouths shut business would have been taken care of, and they would be at their destination. It seems that most people can't even follow the simplest of rules/suggestions, etc.....
Author: Mim
Why couldn’t she just put it on airplane mode?
Author: Kajikasa
Do the right thing, that's all.
Author: Malasho
"You could see the flight attendant storming up the aisle!" No Inside Edition that's what people here on earth call walking.


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