Audio for Video: Picking the Right Field Recorder or Audio Interface

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Author: Jut
Thanks man clean and precise video of information. But there is little bit of echo in the Audio, better if you make your place echo free that is advice thanks keep on you are doing great.
Author: Yorn
A+ content
Author: Gozahn
Cheers, Pete
Author: Mirr
Impressive, great information, thank you.
Author: Yotilar
Thanks for the valuable information!
Author: Tygobar
Which audio interface would be my best option?
Author: Nijar
Hello, what does phantom power mean? Thank you.
Author: Mukinos
Thanks for this, sir! May I ask if i can use monitor speakers with field recorders such as Zoom H4n using it's line out?
Author: Aradal
Zoom H5 vs tascam dr60 mk2... Preamp which is better? Some say tascam is better, but it costs more than H5 in India. Which one do you recommend
Author: Bajar
Do you know if sound devices mix pre 6 field recorder can interface with pro tools? I would like to monitor waveforms and process while recording with it
Author: Nirr
Great instrumental vid.  Background track aud too..
Author: Meztiran
Very clear explanation. Nice!
Author: Kazilar
Thank you for yet another fantastic video.
Author: Shakarr
What if I wanted to use the audio coming from my Android's headphone jack, as a sampling source to an audio interface to a Toraiz SP16's input?
Author: Moogutaxe
(Because the SP16 doesn't allow me to play audio files that are longer than 64 seconds)
Author: Faekasa
Which is the best setup for recording a dynamic microphone with live eq and effects at 24bit/192khz? A mixer or an audio interface?
Author: Tajora
Your knowledge and honest reviews are highly respected and appreciated.
Author: Malak
Very helpful...exactly what I was hoping to get answered. -Jim
Author: Nikora
Wish you the very best always.
Author: Taurg
Very interesting video. I learn a lot with your videos and Also improve my english understandind. Thank you for What you do.
Author: Vik
Thanks bro, good info.
Author: Gardalmaran
Are you South African? Rad... also my exact video i was looking for
Author: Mikanris
Should i get h4n pro or h5?
Author: Doshura
Really good video, nice quality good content : you should have thousands views
Author: Vudokora
Thanks, I've been looking for this video for days everyone else wasn't as clear.
Author: Kazisho
Can you please help me on how get focusrite to record the audio for a video


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