Chromium browser automation extension for chrome browser

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Author: Mubei
Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.
Author: Felkree
Author: Mejinn
Hey, so where can I find those facebook functions? I downloaded it but i cant seem to find them!
Author: Doukus
Plus,the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically analyzes videos to locate and pull the precise location of key points of interest like - topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels and much more. Allowing you to rapidly gain intelligent insights from any video.
Author: Gardakus
Unfortunately I am still in the dark regarding chrominum and chrome browsers. As a basic user of the internet in general, ie: Kijiji, Craigslist, some demo game software downloads, and general info. As a Chrome browser user with a little wi-fi thrown in for good measure ( and unfortunately still a Vista business user) Should I leave well enough alone by using the Chrome browser. Or are there substantial perks by switching to chromium. Any info I could possibly glean from my ``short`` of silly question regarding the matter would be appreciated.
Author: Femi
Obshiic videon nra hamar cher vor cuyc tam vor ubuntuyum em ;)
Author: Vozuru
WTF is this , i just want to create an automoation to delete the photos in my mobile uploads on facebook one by one,. do i need ot know c++ or java to do this?
Author: Moogujas
This plugin doesn't work. I add an action the same as your tutorial which say hello on console but it doesn't work.
Author: Sakree
ha ha, es ubuntuyumes, et momentov apres!!!!
Author: Tugis
Carl at rockymtn02131958 at
Author: Zulkijinn
Not good presentation , I know you word hard but keep it in simple. So a common person can understand how to use it basically.


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