► Ray Samuels SR71B Headphone Amplifier 🎧

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Author: Moogutaxe
Phototristan Sir pls i make Abo NOW Question me back Sir can i use the Audeze LCD-3 in me ipad mini
Author: Bagrel
what does a balanced source/phones mean?
Author: Arami
It's a different wiring which gives a cleaner signal basically.
Author: Tujar
I had same reaction - what cables do you recommend for the portable audio? Also what else are you recommending for single ended portable hp amps? Thanks
Author: Mikashura
I dislike ALO Audio. I'm on a preorder list for the Headamp Pico Power.
Author: Tucage
Many reasons but mainly b/c they sell super expensive headphone cables that have zero engineering behind them.
Author: Akikinos
thanks, how does it improves quality?


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