Michael Backes: Cannabis Pharmacy

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Author: Dairg
Most informative video on all the different ingredients in pot, that have nothing to do with getting high, and everything to do with helping heal a whole array of medical issues.
Author: Mezirisar
Watching this at 0.25 speed is fun
Author: Taulmaran
Michael Backes is one of the most thoroughly informed and reasoned voices on cannabis, proficiently communicating the potential it holds for healing.
Author: Jukora
This needs A LOT more views, fascinating video, very interesting!
Author: Mezihn
He came by my DC medical marijuana dispensary, he is amazing!! Read his book!
Author: Meztihn
This is good stuff. We have a large amount of patients that come to us for CBD. All lab tested to support it!
Author: Fenritilar
I agree!


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