10 GRUESOME and SCARY Injuries Suffered By NFL Quarterbacks

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Author: Mebar
Next video: top 10 worst ROTY players (those who did great in year one but were duds afterwards; this excludes those whose careers went downhill with primarly injuries)
Author: Yomi
I subbed and liked
Author: Kagakora
Author: Vilabar
Where’s mike cantulupo
Author: Vugul
10 All-stars who were benched for future All-Stars
Author: Shami
5 comeback players in the NFL
Author: Kilar
Best times a team blew a 28-3 lead
Author: Gardagal
2013 Robert Griffin III
Author: Vudoshicage
NFL teams that have always had great running backs
Author: Vujind
Do top ten players that should have been in the 2019 pro bowl
Author: Goltigrel
"Had another stellar injury" 😂
Author: Mazuk
Matt Ryan’s severe choke job in super bowl 51
Author: Meztiran
the man is holding his knee. we don't need an arrow pointing to it.
Author: Nelkis
Author: Turamar
Aaron Rodgers
Author: Akinozshura
Someone help me end this debate. Best qb of all-time Brady or Montana. I go Montana
Author: Kazramuro
You forgot Drew Brees and Drew Bledsoe guys. No team truly believed in Brees except the Saints, thank you Tom Benson and Sean Payton for believing in him. And Bledsoe was actually pretty close to death from what I have heard of his injury
Author: Nalabar
Video Idea: 10 busts that somehow made it to the pro bowl/all star game
Author: Shaktigor
O line is more important
Author: Vokazahn
aaron rodgers collarbone 2017-18
Author: Migor
Jimmy G??
Author: Zulkir
Redskins have the WORST qb injury luck
Author: Fektilar
Top ten teams who had the most injuries in one season
Author: Viramar
2017 Aaron Rodgers
Author: Gardalrajas
You said that Alex Smith broke his leg, and then a few seconds later you said "It just BREAKS my heart"
Author: Mazutaxe
How about best playoff games ever by division rivals
Author: Tukora
Do 10 NFL QBs that won a SB but sucked
Author: Doulabar
Aaron Rodgers when he hurt his collar bone twice
Author: Shaktirg
1999 Trent Green
Author: Malagar
You should have included Ryan Tanehills injury that forever screwed Miami
Author: Sacage
You should have included Drew Bledsoe. He nearly died from his injuries.
Author: Daik
Holy smokes the redskins are on this list 3 times all ending playoff seasons. This shows that they are cursed
Author: Yodal
10 most unlikely superbowl winners. (Weren’t top ten ranked in preseason)
Author: Milkree
Tyler locketts leg injury
Author: Akimuro
Carson Wentz torn ACL
Author: Faujinn
I love ur vids can I get a ❤️
Author: Fauramar
Aaron Rodgers collar bone
Author: Dijin
Both missed the playoffs that season
Author: Vokora
Carson wentz tears his ACL should be on that list
Author: Mara
Both on the same day
Author: Kigazragore
My list
Author: Zurisar
I fell bad for all these guys ☹️
Author: Nimi
It was the same yard line
Author: Kesida
The most important position is center because the quarterback cant get the ball without the center
Author: Megore
2011 Peyton Manning
Author: Milrajas
Both games finished the same score
Author: Bam
10 saddest NFL Moments
Author: Meztimuro
11-1 campaign but didn’t make the playoffs 🤔 that’s not even possible
Author: Nikobar
do top 10 tps videos
Author: Mauzahn
Seeing u
Author: Tojagul
Top ten oldest player still playing in every sport
Author: Grogrel
Both on the same day
Author: Goll
I was just watching Aaron Rodgers knee injury vs the Vikings then I saw this video come up!!
Author: Daishicage
Darn second
Author: Mooguktilar
Do a Top 10 times the wrong team MADE the Super Bowl, i.e. the Falcons made Super Bowl XXXIII instead of the Vikings
Author: Mezticage
Uhhh just to correct you, Montana isn’t the greatest qb of all time. He used to be up until about 3-4 years ago when Brady just started going to every Super Bowl every year.
Author: Grojas
Redskin’s best quarterbacks get injured everytime
Author: Kizshura
Joe flacos head injury vs dolphins in 2016 or 17
Author: Zulujar
No one cares if you are first
Author: Fenrisho
Top 10 Sports Athletes who paid the price after Drug Abuse.
Author: Yozshukora
Please do a top 10 Defenses who carried teams with no offense
Author: Tojaramar
10 worst NFL injuries of the 2018 season
Author: Doshura
Alex Smith’s Injury was not only the same day
Author: Bazilkree
Both played for the redskins
Author: Kigagrel
Drew Bledsoe 2001 game against the Jets. Almost died from a tackle, allowing rookie Tom Brady to step in
Author: Zugis
10 nfl teams that had the worst Super Bowl hangovers
Author: Mikagis
Ten Time teams needed is the most at 1 yard line
Author: Tobei
Top 10 years in sports history eg.2016 cavs won 1st finals and cubs won after century
Author: Vozilkree
Joe “ankle” theisman better be here
Author: Kigul
without us OL guys protecting the QB and making holes for the RB's there would b no real stars
Author: Gojind
Do top 10 teams that made the playoffs during a rebuild season (Seattle Seahawks this year)
Author: Tojagrel
Do worst injuries in sports history
Author: Aragar
Do gruesome injuries by Halfbacks
Author: Nijas
Johnny knox
Author: Yogis
Carson Palmer’s knee injury vs Steelers in playoffs should have been here
Author: Gardakree
What about my favourite player Carson wentz,He had torn ACL and fractured back against the rams
Author: Kazizuru
To like my comment
Author: Gatilar
Aaron Rodgers broken collar bone
Author: Maugrel
Both QBs got sacked by the 3 time DPOY
Author: Tygojin
Remember what happend to Peyton Manning...👿
Author: Mutilar
It’s the Washington curse. Rover Griffin went down with a leg injury. Kirk Cousins went down with a leg injury. Now Alex Smith went down with a leg injury
Author: Yozshum
Trent Green Washington when Rodney Harrison go him
Author: Kizragore
Drew Bledsoe
Author: Arasar
The redskins have the worst luck with injuries. We’re on this list 3 times
Author: Mezizuru
What about drew bledsoes chest injury?
Author: Samut
Steve young’s broken leg
Author: Fenrigis
You missed Joe flaco
Author: Shakakazahn
Things that were the same about Theismann and Smith’s injuries
Author: Vudozragore
You can't win without a good qb but you need a line to win
Author: Vukora
A top 10 NFL rookie debut video would be sweet!
Author: Kazrashura
3 Redskins are on the list talk about cursed
Author: Gagami
5:21 "Raptured" achilles tendon? Did it go to heaven? Its ruptured brosef ;)
Author: Nim
You ppl can say whatever you want about the way the Washington Redskins handled Robert Griffin III's knee injury, you're all totally entitled to it. But RG3 would NEVER be Michael Vick, even if the 'Skins handled the situation properly.
Author: Shaktitilar
Top 10 worst hall of famers
Author: Shaktigor
Do a video about top 10 shoeless kickers
Author: Tasar
when Aaron Rodgers broke his colar bone
Author: Kaganos
Rank all 30 MLB Logos or rank all 30 MLB jerseys
Author: Shaktirr
Aaron Rodgers hit form Anthony barr
Author: Daikasa
Damn you forgot Teddy Bridgewater’s, Drew Brees and Drew Bledsoe.
Author: Grok
I hope that all of the people hurt are always ok. ;(
Author: Tekree
They would have been the second team to go 19-0
Author: Marn
Top 10 best “big guy” moments
Author: Gardarg
I didn't know the nfl had only 12 games in a season
Author: Nejinn
2008 Tom Brady
Author: Fenrisar
The 2017-18 eagles didn’t fall apart when Carson wentz went done
Author: Shakarisar
10 nfl bust that had amazing combines
Author: Kajill
Please do a NFL 10 Greatest comebacks!
Author: Gokus
Aaron Rodgers
Author: Mikaramar
10 of the best comebacks from gruesome injury's
Author: Dasar
1985 Joe Thiesman
Author: Tygohn
The pats wouldn't be the first 19-0 team. What about the dolphins
Author: Yor
What about Jimmy g that really hurt me
Author: Dojar
Author: Mautilar
Drew Brees , Drew Bledsoe and Carson Palmer?
Author: Dushakar
Add Deshaun Watson torn ACL In practice
Author: Yozshuramar
I'm not sure if this injury was very gruesome, but in 2011 the Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell suffered a season-ending injury. The Raiders were well on their way to win the AFC West that year, but after that injury despite the Raiders trading for Carson Palmer from The Bengals, the Raiders actually missed the playoffs while the Broncos took the AFC West at just 8-8 with Tim Tebow as their QB. A QB who really sucked and lucked out just because the Broncos defense bailed him every game.
Author: Nele
Drew Brees, nobody thought he would play again. He was good and only 2 teams thought about him.
Author: Macage
To see 3 redskin QBs on this list is tough as a Skins fan...
Author: Akinolrajas
1991 Joe Montana
Author: Zulujind
Arron Rodgers collarbone
Author: Doujin
What about Aaron Rodgers when he broke his collar bone in 2017 and it ended his season and they didn't make it to the playoffs
Author: Makus
On the Drew Bledsoe hit he almost died how is this not on the list
Author: Doukus
Damit Brady!! Just retire!
Author: Kazrakasa
Top 10 teams who lost starting Qb and still made play off
Author: Tygok
I feel bad for Smith and RG3 they deserved a better team and coach.
Author: Shacage
I think centers are more important
Author: Vudogal
10 most loved NFL players
Author: Malat
Top 10 most hated underdog teams
Author: Voodoozil
Bledsoe’s injury
Author: Kagale
2018 Alex Smith
Author: Samushakar
Or the best bengals playoff chokes
Author: Mazragore
3 Redskins on the list...we just cant have nice things
Author: Zushura
How about Mark Sanchez? He had his head lodged in someone's ass, and was never the same again #buttfumble
Author: Vukree
10 Gruesome injuries suffered by college football quarterbacks
Author: Dulabar
Aaaaaaaaand there it goes
Author: Nikojinn
Top 10 nfl players not in the HOF, but should be.
Author: Natilar
You should do 10 most loyal sports fan bases
Author: Dozshura
Still miss my cantaloupe
Author: Goltim
I'm a redskins fan, and it was horrible when I saw Alex Smith get injured
Author: Kagal
2016 Derek Carr
Author: Tygom
Wait. Where is Drew Brees?!
Author: Kakree
Carson wentz fractured back
Author: Fenrishura
Love being a redskins fan just watching your qbs break everything
Author: Tauzil
the dolphins were the 1st team to have a perfect record!....remember jason...!
Author: Tygogrel
(Smith and Mcoy get injured)
Author: Dilrajas
0:13 not what eagles said 🤣
Author: Tazil
You forgot EVERY TIME someone touches Tom Brady.
Author: Fek
You forgot Drew Bledsow, Pat White, and Aaron Rodgers
Author: Yozshuramar
Do 10 craziest fanbases in sports
Author: Tojara
Ouch 😮😱 they gonna need there legs in the furniture damn I feel bad for them nfl players
Author: Dugar
McKenzie Milton even though he isn't in the NFL
Author: Vudoshura
3 Redskin quarterbacks on this list....yep
Author: Vira
The Hurns injury from the cowboys vs rams divisional game last weekend.
Author: Mami
Can we get this comment to exactly 25 likes on Xmas
Author: Faurr
Jimmy G
Author: Goltishakar
Same hashmark
Author: Yozshuramar
U should do top 10 players NFL that will have a breakout season next year
Author: Tygobei
Top 10 teams that suffer a super bowl hangover
Author: Kakazahn
Both played on the same team
Author: Sagul
Where's bledsoe? He almost legitimately died
Author: Kazrahn
Top 10 oldest running backs to runover a 1,000 yards in a season.
Author: Malabar
Top ten career ending plays
Author: Kitaxe
man poor guys! 🙁
Author: Meztilabar
Top 10 longest throws in nfl
Author: Zuludal
Did you know Joe Thiesmann was at the game where Alex Smith broke his leg.
Author: Mezik
Bro this guy is a dippy the dolphins have gone undefeated
Author: Mikadal
The Jets vs Packers game was kinda wild but it was meaningless😂! Do the top 10 entertaining but meaningless NFL games 👀
Author: Shahn
Hmmmm most of these were in the pocket 🤔...... interesting
Author: Jucage
Both on the same leg and injury
Author: Moogumi
You should do top 10 most intelligent players in the nfl
Author: Kazirisar
Top 10 made of glass QBs or players dudes who always get hurt or have minor injuries but sit out
Author: Dousho
Aaron Rodgers broken collar bone
Author: Tozilkree
Drew Brees’ torn labrum
Author: Bragor
Top 10 most injury bound teams
Author: Nagar
Hey hey what about when wentz got injured
Author: Nilmaran
Quarterbacks who took massive hits but got up and played the next play. Example Big Bens broken nose vs Ravens
Author: Tauzuru
This guy drives me crazy.
Author: Goltitaxe
The 73 dolphins were 19-0 because they won the super bowl vs the redskins and they went 16-0 in the regular season
Author: Arakasa
Do 10 highest draft picks that were terrible
Author: Jujind
Aaron Rodgers
Author: Vukazahn
Both got double teamed
Author: Vudosida
im a redskins fan and I like how all of quaterbacks were suposed to be amazing but they get injured
Author: Tasida
Now you can add Allen hurns
Author: Kazilabar
You forgot Peyton Manning's neck injury. That one was nasty.
Author: Meshakar
Theismann was at that game
Author: Kazraramar
Author: Tojazahn
Top 10 things (injuries, suspensions, firings) that derailed an nba/nfl/nhl/mlb season
Author: Yozshugis
Alex Smith wasn't good anyway a bust..
Author: Dajinn
0:14 ... eagles vs. patriots superbowl
Author: Dulabar
Ya forgot about Drew bledsoe
Author: Tygozshura
Drew Bledsoe man
Author: Shaktinos
Same as Alex Smith Broken fibula and tibia
Author: Tera
ZACH MILLER. His leg looked like Theisman's
Author: Grogal
Phillip Rivers' double ACL tears
Author: Voodoole
Top 10 rookies that we're busts who were picker 10 or lower
Author: Gutaur
Both scores ended on a 23-21 score
Author: Malalabar
Ever since then Jason Campbell was not the same. The Raiders kept Carson Palmer and unfortunately Jason Campbell went on to back up Jay Cutler on the Chicago Bears for a season and didn't play well when he was put in for an injured Cutler, then he was on the Browns where he got a little playing time after Brian Hoyer and Brandon Weeden got injured, and then went to the Bengals and had no playing time behind Andy Dalton and has been out of the NFL since after the 2014 season I believe. He was drafted the same year as Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. I believe without that injury in 2011, he might actually still be playing today that is unless he would get another injury that is that bad. What team would he play on though, I'm not sure.
Author: Vudolkis
Top 10 Amazing Combacks of all time
Author: Taular
Carson wentz torn ACL
Author: Motaur
Author: Akinogar
wherw is peyton manning neck
Author: Mejas
You forgot Carson Wentz injury ACL and Fractured Back 2017-2018
Author: Karisar
Brady’s ACL
Author: Goltiran
3/10 are redskins sad to see as a life long fan
Author: Fausho
New video ideas: 10 superstar athelete that will be busts on other teams
Author: Mile
I'm a linemen and I think linemen is the most important
Author: Karr
More for Smith I am a chiefs fan
Author: Taular
You should do NFL players that were terrible in college but great in the NFL
Author: Malabei
10 worst NFL coaches that won a Super Bowl, because their team was good
Author: Tojaramar
Moral of the story if you like your legs in one piece don’t play QB for the Washington redskins. See RG3, Joe Theisman, Alex Smith, and Colt McCoy for more details.
Author: Kelabar
And even more scary....
Author: Tojalmaran
Drew Brees torn shoulder labrum
Author: Bazragore
You they weren’t going to be the first 19-0 what about the 72 dolphins
Author: Gabei
Jimmy G's injury
Author: Samulkis
you should have included Teddy Bridge water Terrible injury
Author: Kigajas
Top 5 teams that always have good defenses (ex. Bears, Vikings)
Author: Fenritaxe
If it was college you couldve done mckenzie milton
Author: Garamar
Carson Palmer in the 2005 wild card game vs the Steelers
Author: Mesho
2016 Tony Romo
Author: Mejas
Both got sacked by hall of famers
Author: Fautaur
Joe Theisman and Alex Smith injuries
Author: Meztijin
You can tell that this dude doesn’t know anything about sports.
Author: Tojagal
Both broke fibula and Tibia
Author: Kagalkree
Drew Brees shoulder injury.. thought he wouldn’t play football again considering it was his throwing shoulder but then comes back and is now the greatest QB to ever play
Author: Meztisida
Fans:Maybe the Redskins will have a good season this year.
Author: Kelabar
Only difference was the Redskins won the game when Theisman went down
Author: Dalabar
Overlooking drew brees again I mean did u see his last game in a chargers uniform smh of course u don’t talk about it
Author: Akinot
Wow! 3/10 of the injuries were to Redskins qb’s.
Author: Disida
Brees...? Again, disrespecting the GOAT. Best comeback by ANY Quarterback.
Author: Mazugis
Do a part two and put Zac Miller in it from Chicago Bears
Author: Grot
add Teddy Bridgewater and his torn ACL during practice and could't playing for 2 years.
Author: Doushakar
Ummm... 1972 Dolphins were 17 and 0
Author: Goltiktilar
Drew Bledsoe’s injury leading to Tom Brady’s legacy
Author: Fenritaxe
Center is most important duh dur
Author: Tygodal
Do Top 10 current players that went undrafted.
Author: Kezilkree
0:40 why’d you say Andrew lucks’s it’s just Andrew luck’s his last name doesn’t end with an s
Author: Dozil
Well we don't have to worry about gruesome injuries to them anymore now that they throw a flag on you for even sneezing on em
Author: Mikasar
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