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Author: Goltijin
On ya mate!!
Author: Kazishakar
how much do you think it would cost to replicate his car in america today?
Author: Migrel
We all were!! Thanks mate and thanks for watching!!
Author: Vujas
I'd prefer the none-rusted version of the first movie lol
Author: Dull
Thanks mate!!
Author: Yolkree
Great video.  Loved it.  Now if someone could only explain to me why movie directors are in such a rush to destroy this car in every freaking movie!!!!!!   Who wants to see that? 
Author: Shakagul
good job well done presentation sir.. :)
Author: Dounos
Great video! Thanks for sharing. From the promo reel shown at Comic-Con in San Diego last July, the Interceptor looks even more different (e.g., one big tank in the back rather than two). On Youtube, search "mad max fury road trailer 2014." The new Interceptor is shown in the first 30 seconds of the trailer. Unfortunately, it looks like it's getting destroyed again...
Author: Kajile
Legend, thanks for this very informative video
Author: Akitaxe
Best car in the world!
Author: Fauzragore
Name the movie
Author: Gardashakar
We know who you are, bronze!
Author: Vudojar
In the first film his family died which was sad. Inthe second film, his car died, which was the worst thing ever. And I don't know about a third film... what third film? Fury Road? Hopefully.
Author: Akinojinn
Great stuff Wayne!
Author: Mejas
Thanks mate!!
Author: Yosida
Nice vid Wayne good job mate
Author: Memi
It has, and Ford continue to produce them.
Author: Darn
AWESOME JOB !! I really like this video and of course the wonderful Interceptor. As some other mates wrote before , why did they have to ruin that car each time it appears on a film? I hope that one day you could find the guy who stole your XB on a lonely and dark alley, with no witnesses in sight...
Author: Magal
You bet it is!
Author: Mazura
You Aussies are fahrkin' awesome! Never in my life have I met and Aussie I didn't like and one of my dream trips is to hit the North East coast.
Author: Gorn
One thing Americans and Aussies share...THE LOVE FOR V8 GRUNT!!!
Author: Arakinos
Kick 'er in the guts, Barry!
Author: Voodoosar
wish these were avaiable here in the US!
Author: Shakagal
Well-detailed facts and incredibly entertaining video overall, subbed and liked buddy! ^^
Author: Goltizshura
I would literally kill to own one of these.
Author: Kigakus
see you on the road, like we did the Knightrider!
Author: Meztim
I love Aussie cars
Author: Mooguzilkree
Mad Max, The Road Warrior,
Author: Felrajas
They came out in 1974 so it's getting harder to find good ones, but there are some still around.
Author: Arak
As do I...looking forward to seeing it!
Author: Aralar
Not wrong there!! Thanks for watching.
Author: Tuk
Best movie car ever. No competition.
Author: Gardajinn
this pleases me
Author: Kazikazahn
Wayne, thanks for such a great video. I have always adored this car; such a stylish beast if ever there was one !!!
Author: Kahn
Damn Dude , You cant leave a car like that on the street, but sorry about the loss
Author: Gulkis
Author: Mazum
Great CGi and explanation!
Author: Kagasho
Hello hot wheels -please consider producing the two versions that Wayne has described here as well as some vehicles from the new film.  Awesome video!
Author: Golkree
when i win the lottery i will buy this car
Author: Grozahn
see you on the road skag,    that car is so cool
Author: Tygor
I just don't have the time to model anything lately.
Author: Zuluzahn
You're welcome!
Author: Gomi
You're not alone there!! Thanks for watching!
Author: Macage
Amazing job! Are you anxious for fury road?
Author: Akinogor
Wow! This is extraordinarily interesting. Thanks
Author: Mugal
Thanks mate! I have a friend who also owns a very nice Dodge Challenger, along with quite a few other American classics. You can see a video and painting I created on my channel (just search "painting of Craigs 1950 Buick" While you're there you can also see another of my videos called "Wayne's Mad Max car" check out our own beast! You have plenty to watch lol!
Author: Takus
See you on th e road Scag! see you like we saw the night rider!
Author: Kajigal
Thank you so much, man I almost died when they destroyed her.  I saw the new one on Fury Road, I felt like I was a kid again.  I only know of one person that didn't like the Interceptor.  We know him as the Toecutter.  LOL
Author: Tauzragore
The falcon looked so much better in the first film,iv always been a car fan as a kid,I was so disappointed when it started to get beat up throughout the rest of the films.I think mad max,and also home and away/neighbors are were I started to notice cool aussie cars,(yes those soaps,I only watched to catch a glimpse of a Holden or Ford).
Author: Keramar
Nice historical tidbit on the V8 Interceptor mate.! Thanks for sharing.!! Like you I'm a big fan of the Mad Max movies and this car. I have a production photo of the V8 Interceptor as a cover photo on my facebook.!  Definitely looking forward to Fury Road but creator George Miller seems to have a love-hate relationship with the V8 Interceptor. If you notice in the movie trailers, the Interceptor gets crashed up AGAIN.!!
Author: Zulkikora
Yes I think you're right!
Author: Kigagul
would you be able to make a 3d model of my characters dodge charger?
Author: Mugore
If I could have any car in the world. It would be a Road Warrior accurate Falcon Interceptor.
Author: Mikashura
Very good, very informative. What software did you use for the 3D?
Author: Moogujora
Great job!
Author: Kajikora
Pure class
Author: Dikora
How rare a car is the xb down there?
Author: Nikogul
That's a badass car!
Author: Zolorn
thank you for this work , coool !!!
Author: Aragor
I don't know if anybody has mentioned it here but I believe the different set of feet on the back of the interceptor was done Intentionally given the circumstances of the film and how far along it's placed and being in a wasteland setting etc.. I can only assume theyre scavenged from another vehicle because the originals either blew out, buckled or were damaged or that the replacement wheels are better suited for wasteland conditions given it's the drive axle.
Author: Kazizuru
i will buy the v8 interceptor after i win the lottery
Author: Mezikus
Excellent presentation. The Interceptor needs to return in any sequel to Fury Road.
Author: Yojas
Good info. Thanks.
Author: Yolkis
You are very welcome Chewie!!
Author: Arashigar
What is the car in the background at the beginning the one your resting on
Author: Grobei
Author: Dosho
My favorite car in any movie i was gutted when it got destroyed anyway great vid mate :)
Author: Maur
et nous on a eu des R12 des R16 des DS et des 2CV..................................................
Author: Tuhn
it wasn't blown up.... it was rolled over on the side of a hill.
Author: Jubei
I have a scoop that matches that
Author: Shakara
Very good sir   there is only one thing i would like to point out here though   note the fuel tanks you have   that is the tank from the fury road trailer stuffed into the boot,  the road warrior tanks were both 150 imp gallon ex heavy truck tanks in aluminium and the bottoms of the tanks for that movie were even with the trunk lid latch and the tops were indeed just below the draft edge of the roof spoiler.     go back and look at the movie again.    other wise very good.
Author: Kisho
Thanks mate!!
Author: Daijin
Hey great job
Author: Naramar
Thanks Mate!!!
Author: Dijind
You missed the first iteration, which was the one stolen by the night rider. This didn't have the front, or the larger spoilers, or the turbocharger.
Author: Vobei
Thanks for watching!
Author: Bajora
This is an AWESOME video of its breakdown and evolution.  Thanks a million for sharing!  If you don't mind, may I share this in my vehicle design class?
Author: Shaktitaxe
Great vid thnx Wayne :)
Author: Daikazahn
I don't think so.
Author: Akiktilar
Cool vid! I like how you get a 360 from each version. Autoart made some 1:18 renditions, except for my favorite original :(
Author: Arashidal
Thanks Laurie.
Author: Balrajas
Ok..imagine with me... Your car .. think about the top end of the cylinder...  On your piston.. Place a Magnet on the top of the piston, then put a. electro magnet on the top of the head side... open the head and leave the rocker assembly open... the whole system is already designed for it.. no combustion... just add magnets and go... how about that?
Author: Meztizilkree
Two dayz ago I saw a truck that'd haul that tanka. You wanna get outa heah? You talk to me.
Author: Masho
Your welcome.
Author: Shaktigis
Will do!!
Author: Grotaur
I took a few photos of the car in 83 . It was at a wreakers in iron bank in Adelaide hills . Was for sale for 2500 dollars what a bargain 2 Holly's sitting under the super charger shell. Very sneeky
Author: Sajas
When I still worked at Ford in Cleveland,I worked on the Australian 302's for the Falcons down there. By that time,the 351C was long gone,late 70's. But they still had Holley 4BBL's. I still think about wanting to convert my Mustang CobraII to the interceptor...a little chopping,sectioning & molding of the unique parts would be pretty easy. 
Author: Faezuru
Nice CGI showing the evolution of the car! When I was old enough to drive, here in the states, the first car I investigated, with the potential of buying, was whatever Mel Gibson drove in the Mad Max movies. After finding out it was an Australian Ford Falcon, I selected a 71 Dodge Challenger instead. Oddly enough, I did not see the movie "Vanishing Point" until two years after I bought the Challenger. I chose the Challenger based its looks, and had never seen one in a movie before owning mine.
Author: Goltilar
If you would like to know some more history on the real Interceptor in the movie. My mate Bob was the original owner of the Falcon used in the movie. He built the car before the movie was produced as is. He was an engineer by trade and believe it or not a police officer in the NSW Police. The car was built to drag race at Castlereagh Drags back in the 70/80s. The producers saw the car being race at the drags and approached Bob and purchased it for I think $40000. If I recall Bod was also in evolved in the making of many vehicles in the original move. He also did some motor bike stunts. He was a very talented man and an unbelievably good driver. He also told me that they blew the bottom end of the motor out in one of the first runs in the movie by hitting the nitro at to lower revs and had to rebuild the motor. The car was originally built to the specs in the movie when first raced including the nose cone and spoilers. 
Author: Tusida
I saw the three MAD MAX movies, and in the first two the vehicles got my atention, but the last V8 Interceptor... I just couldn´t get my eyes off it. I really really love that car.
Author: Daizilkree
Santa, I want a supercharger I can turn on and off!!!
Author: Kigalar
All I can say is...Great choice!!
Author: Tojar
That'd mean two wheels would have been for the front, which wouldn't be wide enough. Sunraysia wheels are pretty common here. It's a bit of a mystery really!
Author: Arashitilar
it was the pursuit special,the yellow ones are the interceptors!
Author: Shakasa
I have a 1/24th scale model of this beast sitting next to my pc, owned it ten years, finally got round to building it, painted it using an air brush, gave it that lived in look, dusted in filth !
Author: JoJokasa
I have a feeling it's a totally new re-make...we'll just have to wait and see!!
Author: Kazizil
If you hear a car to sell one day.... think of me.... I hope buy it before die.
Author: Dor
A very nice presentation.
Author: Telkree
My theory for the wheel change in the second film was because they built a second car for Road Warrior and for one reason or another they couldn't get ahold of another set of matching rims for the new car, so they just put 2 from each set on the cars so they would match.
Author: Voodoot
Fury Road pretty much gave the car the finger.
Author: Brarisar
Major disappointment that this showed up in fury road for about 3 minutes and had no role at all in Beyond Thunderdome
Author: Dukora
Am interested to see how the Interceptor is going to appear in Fury Road after being destroyed in the second film, unless Fury Road is set after the first film but before the second one?
Author: Nikokasa
Great video mate, good to see one that's bullshit free. So much crap talked over the years, one magazine kept referring to the Interceptor as a Mach 1 Mustang...
Author: Dimi
Hi Wayne
Author: Shaktilkis
How did max even get the car back in fury road? It was destroyed in road warrior, and it's destroyed in fury road as well! And fury road isn't a reboot, at least I don't think so, because George Miller is still directing it! The only other explanation is that he salvaged what was left from his old interceptor and just either repaired or found a new one!
Author: Tutaur
It was fixed up after that, and shown when Goose brings in Max to show him that the mechanic has been doing it "you know a p-p-p-p-p-piece from here, an' a p-p-p-piece from there".
Author: Femuro
Awesome art review . I got to admit I love the Aussie Falcon , and yeah the first two MAD MAX films were fantastic , great job mate !
Author: Tugami
Wait what was the nose called again cause I didn’t quite catch that
Author: Vijinn
Author: Meziran
h'lo wayne, could u possibly tell me what type of wheels are used on the road warrior version in the rear. I cannot find them to save my life.  All i can find is that they are "turbine" style but cannot find the name or make of them.  Please help!!
Author: Duzragore
Love the video and sorry for the loss of your XB coupe.😀
Author: Zulkishura
Car of my dreams! Ever since I saw MM as a teenager I wanted an Interceptor! Ford, where are you? 
Author: Nijar
Yeah I know, sorry. That was a joke but I guess it didn't come across right :) I never liked Thunder Dome, so I was implying that I don't consider it a 'proper' 3rd in the series.
Author: Maukazahn
yep...those wheel flares and top/bottom spoilers scream l8 1970's!!!
Author: Zuktilar
Thanks Dragon!...and yes, the car went great guns!! In the early 90's a mate and I re-built the engine...I had a well paying job at the time...spent 5K just on parts!...he was an apprentice mechanic...the 351 we built was a real ball tearer!! I guess that's why some dirt bag stole it! When it was stolen the car had an XC front end on it and was spayed matt black!...very post apocalyptic indeed!!!!
Author: Mok
Thanks again!...Where can I get a look at your models??
Author: Faudal
Hiya Wayne.Love clips like this on youtube their most interesting and detailed. When you were comparing the two car from mad max 1 and mad max 2, I think the supercharger scoop on top slightly changed shape from the first film to the second. Not 100% but can you take a look to see if i'm right.
Author: Mezicage
Hey great work mate. I would love to see you do a real-world video review on the car you're standing in front of.
Author: Kazralkree
This car is as loved in 'Murica as it is in Australia. Few people here knew the exacts details of it for many years due to it being based off an Aussie only model.
Author: Voshakar
In Road Warrior they should have made a awesome car chase to take out the Intrerceptor,that's always bothered me.Now in Fury Road he just in it fer 2 seconds n flip's SMFH and doesn't even get back in the film later come on.
Author: Fenrilmaran
That's a real ride. Got sad when it blew off. Later got happy than Max crushed both Wez(the rotten bastard who wrecked Max's Interceptor) and Humongous. I wonder how the new Interceptor in the next Mad Max movie looks like.
Author: Goltikasa
Interceptor was in Thunderdome as well
Author: Goltim
Thanks mate and thanks for watching!!
Author: Gojind
You'd want a fresher set of rubber after years of pounding a RWD monster like that, and I doubt there's a tire shop that can swap the tires on your wheels in post apocalyptic future, hence the "new", probably salvaged off some roadkill rear wheels.
Author: Arashisho
Nice job and pretty cool!
Author: Yozshujar
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. These are my father favorite movies. Before he passsd away, we talked about this car & have the first design from the 1st film.
Author: Balrajas
You've seen it, Heard it and you're still asking questions???
Author: Arashisar
Good one Sean! You might want to check out my video "Wayne's Mad Max car" Let me know what you think of her!
Author: Dairr
There were 5 cars 3 destroyed one sitting next to the original bat mobile in USA and the one in Adelaide which has now been transformed back into the original car
Author: Salrajas
See you on the road scag ;)
Author: Malara
I think the Interceptor is going to get trumped as the meanest movie car by that Giga Horse.
Author: Nicage
We kept playing the lottery, in so if i ever win the lottery. This is the 1st of many things to buy on my list to get.
Author: Shakaktilar
That monza nose was just begging to fall off. I wish they kept the original Ford Falcon front grille. It was like placing that nose cone on the '69 Charger and turning it into Daytona. It simply overhangs too much in my opinion.
Author: Gardalar
correction: NOT one of the greatest cars in films. "THE GREATEST" car in film!
Author: Faukazahn
one thing the car was a pursuit special and not referred to an interceptor till the second film the yellow XB was an interceptor and the yellow XA was to along with one other XB that was a pursuit vehicle. The HQ coupe in the movie also was a pursuit special
Author: Mazurr
hm, perhaps the former officers blame Max for the fall of the MFP, idk.
Author: Tagrel
Author: Aramuro
mate throw us an image i want a render but mate
Author: Gusar
Author: Nijas
PEOPLE please can someone tell me were can i purchase all these parts for my mad max conversion like the body kit the rims etc... i dont know were to get them please answer
Author: Zolosida
I also think the driver of the Landau in Road Warrior might have also been an former officer in the MFP and the Landau being a defaced pursuit special
Author: Nihn
Thanks mate...I'll be sure to check 'em out. Also looking forward to the movie!
Author: Tok
Wow! Thanks for such an in depth, detailed analysis. You really covered it all. Spoken at a level that even an average guy like me can understand too!
Author: Zolocage
Great video, man! There's a ton of cool, interesting details in there.
Author: Voodoogrel
Beautiful Machine man. Hate hear that it was stolen, I don't blame you at all for wanting to curse the guy. Well I just subscribe to you because I really enjoy the models and the animations you put together. Makes me want to watch the movie again.
Author: Grokora
Author: Yogal
I have seen a couple of photo's here and there. Looking forward to the movie and seeing the interceptor back!!
Author: Mezigami
But I had to admit the classic Interceptor is a real fine beast of a ride.
Author: Vumuro
theres pics of the Fury Road Interceptor online now , they should be easy to do now you have the base models
Author: Faunris
Very Accurate! Great work, but I noticed you did not go into to much detail on the Weiend Blower/supercharger or the custom radio console. Again great Job!
Author: Voodoojin
Why is that car called an Interceptor, when its clearly a Pursuit Special? Go to the original Australian release of Mad Max. Put on closed captions, about one minute before he gets shot in the knee, the Police dispatcher says something about a rogue office stealing a Pursuit Special.
Author: Gardazilkree
No the hell it won't be back. That car was gone in Fury Road 4 mins after the opening credits.
Author: Dot
didnt have a left side mirror, great vid though
Author: Voodoonris
What do you guys think: do you prefer the interceptor with the lower half of the front bumper intact, or do you prefer without it? I cant decide
Author: Voodoorisar
I'm not sure Wolf, but I am keen to see it!!
Author: Tojalkis
I agree Sam!
Author: Tojakus
Hmmm...it's my dream car.
Author: Zurr
a black gto judge would look just as nasty.
Author: Akikazahn
Nice and informative. I loved that car! Took my girl friend to see the movie The Road Warrior and then went back the next night with my friends and watched it again! Plus I'm a Ford guy.
Author: Tygokora
Thanks for watching.
Author: Fenris
Last of the V8s !!
Author: Vishura
really good 3D work there
Author: Shakagore
It'd be interesting to know how much the car was sold for and then bought back for. I know that after the second film the car was left in a wreckers and then purchased by a bloke who restored it...I remember seeing it at a shopping centre car show!!...I'm talking years ago!!!
Author: Zushakar
Thanks mate and thanks for watching!!
Author: Kazrajinn
You're very welcome mate!!
Author: Duhn
There was a third film called Thunder Dome. Fury Road will be the forth.
Author: Vorr
Awesome job! If I ever win the lottery, the Pursuit Special is the car I'm getting. As long as I could get it with a functional blower, that is.. ;)
Author: Nanris
Great work!
Author: Torn
Good one Mick! I had a few models of the Interceptor, even Max's Yellow beast and the Night Rider's HQ!!
Author: Yokus
I loved how the car looked in both films! I've always been a big fan of the Falcon Coupe!!
Author: Juzshura
Author: Mule
Awesome vid, my friend. Definitely a work of art
Author: Maulabar
Great work on the 3D rendering. Really showcases the Interceptor, and tells its story. I sure hope they bring it back for Fury Road and keep it the same style.
Author: Kiganris
Is that the Interceptor or the Pursuit Special?
Author: Douzuru
Nice video! I was hoping the interceptor will have more screen time in the new movie but it is a good movie anyways.
Author: Groran
hey there I'm not sure if fury road is a direct sequel, if so then this pursuit special would probably have to be another since Max's was wrecked
Author: Mashakar
Author: JoJot
That's the new movie right there this clip is all u need 2 know about Mad Max so this sould have been Mad Max 4 not that shit out now
Author: Samukinos
You had such a beautiful 351 Wayne! It must have just hummed on the highway! Too bad it was stolen =/ And great job on the animation! I liked how you showed it step by step starting with the base falcon!
Author: Kazrataur
So Well done Wayne.Just a Beautifully Job on the vid and the Digital Art work.
Author: Kajiktilar
Great art work Wayne. and all about one of favorite all time movies. And in my humble opinion, still the champion of badass movie cars. I own an 06 Mustang GT, about the closest I'll get to that beauty of a beast. But, if I have a couple a drinks, and squint my eyes, I can fool myself for a sec. lol Thanks Wayne.
Author: Goltitaur
Nice video mate. Any link to the 3d art ?


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