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Author: Brajind
I have one, I love it!
Author: Vudozuru
Volkswagen build there GTI's for everyday use. Not hardcore or very exciting but acceptable for a broad public who are interested in a fast and sporty car. Once rolling the Polo with DSG is very fast and if the power is not enough, the engine has huge tuning potential. For a few hundred pounds 290 bhp is possible.
Author: Faelkree
I've got this car and don't agree with any of the negatives she's said. It has mass amount of power and brakes aren't even needed on a twisty road.
Author: Dazahn
(the interior) "is lacking some flare and inspiration" she said while sitting in a damn RED cockpit. What more do you want?!
Author: Mezishakar
I've had my Polo gti + since August and it is fun, 38 mpg, easy to park and not compromised on long trips. I have tried the Fiesta and the sharper handling is fun but the ride and interior are a let down. The mini is fun with a great interior but the 1.5 engine is more fun than the Cooper S. Less is more with the Mini. My Polo is a bit more 'grown up' but so am I. I would prefer a three door and climate is not standard but it's a great car.
Author: Arara
I've always liked the Polo, i drive a 6n2 myself. The older i'm getting the more i find them cooler than it's bigger brother the Golf.
Author: Mushicage
She has not much to give to us concerning knowhow on cars. Really sorry about this truth.
Author: Telabar
This car is fantasticc
Author: Bahn
Every single review on YouTube is for the DSG version. By this point I'm pretty certain I bought the first manual Polo GTI in the world!
Author: Salmaran
That red trim all over the dash is tacky
Author: Kazrasar
GTI Interior in two words “spartan...tartan”
Author: Zuluzahn
Nice bra! 😂
Author: Moogutilar
Love the look of the sport seats. It’s what the Golf GTI needs
Author: Yozshule
Who to believe, other reviewers gush over the car. This lady gives it a big MEH
Author: Shalar
A transmission tunnel.. it's FWD!
Author: Nerg
Love your accent Ginny, your voice is so pleasing to listed to 😍
Author: Taujinn
”and VW DSG semi-automatic gearbox..” wait, what!?
Author: Yozshunris
Not quite sure why all the negative slant on this car... had mine about 3 months now and love driving it... so much fun, blip it around, fast, confident, does what it says on the label without fuss... lovely transmission and engine note especially in sport mode immediately previous car was a Maserati Ghibli which was similarly fast and fun..but just too big to chuck around.. all the SPORTY car you need !!... and not going to cost or loose a fortune.
Author: Mogar
Why transmission tunnel being a front wheel drive? Is there a 4wd version available?
Author: Zuramar
"The tartan seats are the same in all gtis".. errr mines got leather seats so your wrong love.


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