5E D&D Feats- A Rogues Guide

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Author: Gugrel
How about feats/spells guide for a chainlock. Chainlocks never get any love. 🙁
Author: Gardazahn
Easy Roller Dice- https://goo.gl/1n0M1r
Author: Brakora
3rd lv. choose swashbuckler
Author: Voodoodal
I played a lizardfolk scout rogue with athlete. I only played him briefly, but I imagine if I took him to lvl 8 and grabbed mobile it would have been insane how slippery he could be.
Author: Dosar
Alert for power Assassins, maybe Sentinel for Swashbuclers. Magic initiate is nice for the Arcane Trickster and Tavern Brawler is pretty cool for a Sherlock Holmes type Inquisitive.
Author: Meztikus
Loved the intro. I played in a party that gave homage to ATeam. Our wild magic sorcerer was "Murdock" and our Barbarian was BA. He was terrified of riding horses so we had to find ways of tricking him/knocking him out
Author: Sakinos
That intro was gold
Author: Shaktilkree
I ran a one-shot where I gave everyone a free feat in character creation. The party ended up being all rogues with the mobile feat. It was great.
Author: Vitilar
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Author: Nenris
D&D and Think Geek Gear- https://goo.gl/LZAV5z
Author: Jugore
Another great feat for a thief rogue specifically: Healer. Grab a couple healers packs and you can be the party healer.
Author: Arashitaur
Drive Thru RPG- https://goo.gl/6nf5zh
Author: Zulkilkis
Tabaxi rogue
Author: Zolojind
Loving being able to see the rules text while you guys talk about it. Helps so much. Great work.
Author: Gojas
Actually now that I think about it most of my builds would revolve around the assassin. I just don't see the others viable for my playstyle. If I want a scout is go ranger or bard, if I'd want an arcane trickster...I wouldn't want an arcane trickster. Same with thief, same with swashbuckler - blades bard much better imho - and same with mastermind. I'd much rather play a battle master then a mastermind, clepto thieving is just against my nature, and arcane trickster while it sounds fun...you Have to know the mage hand and half your playstyle should revolve around that? Srsly?! I have used mage hands before I know it's potential and that's the exact reason I don't want to use it.
Author: Voodoora
My guess: Magic Initiate to get Find Familiar.
Author: Arajora
Go first every time
Author: Goran
Highest stats Dex,Cha
Author: Zuzragore
Sentinel is designed for your tanks. You can either prevent enemies from leaving your reach to go after your allies or you can punish enemies for going after allies within your reach thus at the same time encouraging your enemies to instead attack you.
Author: Mujas
4th lv. Alert feet
Author: Tulkree
I could also see myself going for a tabaxi assassin because of climb speed
Author: Malkree
Please make one for best feats for clerics!. Love the content
Author: Mikagis
If you're a rogue and want to deal sneak attack damage outside your turn, you're best off relying on allies like a battlemaster fighter with commander's strike (or w/e it's called) or the newly released order domain cleric.
Author: Dakinos
I hope you make one of these for each of the classes ...
Author: Vidal
but skulker "if you HIT" they still know where you are. So unless you are planning on missing, its not so good.
Author: Nikosida
Speaking of the battlemaster, you can also take the Martial Adept feat and get access to maneuvers like Riposte. In fact, there are plenty of battlemaster maneuvers that can add a bit of variety to using a rogue in combat. Pushing enemies out of reach, lunching at them to stay out of reach, adding precision to your sneak attack and simply knocking them prone for potential advantage (but more likely to half their movement when chasing you).
Author: Shaktiramar
If you wanted to play a magic rogue (arcane trickster), ritual caster, mage slayer, mobile and magic initiate would make for a fun build. Ritual caster gives you a whole other array of spells to choose from, mage slayer with mobile and sneak attack means you can destroy enemy castors, drop any concentration spells they’re holding and can easily get up to them even if they have magical difficult terrain in the way. Magic initiate is for an extra spell and two cantrips to add to your repertoire of magic. I love magic in DnD, and will always find some way of getting it even in a martial class
Author: Arar
Take magic initiate in order to get Guidance. Essential for a skill monkey rogue. Especially when you have expertise, that 1d4 can vastly improve things. Or if you have a party member in full plate, 1d4 to stealth can save the day.
Author: Mazulkree
I like to use Observant, Lucky and Mobile for Rogue builds
Author: Mezikazahn
Reminds me of my army of Gaelic warriors who didn't have a stitch of clothing on them. They were called Naked Force and they were Mercenaries. It was said if you had a problem they may be able to help you.
Author: Aragar
I don't know how effective the Sentinel feat would really be for what you want it to do.. Even melee rogues (at least the one I play), tend to not actually be on the front line. This is especially true if your melee rogue already has the mobile feat. They are rarely in a situation where both enemy, ally and rogue all have a 5ft distance to each of the other two. As such, they rarely have an opportunity where a nearby ally is attacked by an enemy and the rogue also being within range to attack that enemy as a reaction. Worst of all, even when the the rogue is in that situation, the rogue is the one most likely to be targeted by an attack due to low hp/ac and being a major damage dealer.
Author: Tygohn
How would I build a rogue? Mmm decisions decisions decisions...I'm kinda gonna lean in on the social build: a charlatan background half-elf assassin with the mentioned social feats being the open secret bastard child of a noble who is an "envoy" and diplomat.
Author: Talmaran
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