Hitman ENTIRE Storyline in 3 Minutes! (Hitman Animation Story)

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Author: Dubei
🎵But you can stay at the I..C..A but you can stay at the I..C..A A🎵
Author: Fenrile
IN absolution you kill the leaders of the ICA and Victoria is safe, you got the story wrong.
Author: Vukinos
01:32 - 01:57 Blood money
Author: Tuzuru
01:57 - 03:05 Absolution
Author: Mezik
I liked Absolution a lot
Author: Mikagami
I feel like a good story for this series would be Team Fortress/Team Fortress 2. The lore and comics behind the game are pretty extensive and get confusing at times. I think this channel would knock that story out of the park.
Author: Yozshull
Blood money is the best. I like how they didn't show Diana's face
Author: Kir
in sweden ica is a specery store
Author: Kazizragore
Diana Burns discovers unethical cloning program?... Wait so killing hundreds of people is just normal then?
Author: Moogujora
so....it's like attack of the clones. but failed cause 47 killed all the bad guys ?
Author: Molkree
Do the HALO story line in 3 minutes, Gl.
Author: Vudotilar
I really love contracts and my favorite mission is "The Traditions Of the Trade".
Author: Nakree
Man, i love the hitman franchise.
Author: Kagakazahn
I like how he just knows that everyone prefers Blood Money. That's actually the only one I've played
Author: Dogal
I was typing blood money as you said not too....but my fav mission is the suburbs with the sniper in the tree house
Author: Zuran
Am I getting this right?
Author: Aranris
you are WRONG!!
Author: Gonris
00:55 - 01:32 Silent assassin
Author: Malarn
my fav levels from blood money is "a new life" and the one on the steam trampler boat
Author: Yozshutaur
Does Contracts take part in this story? Really like the Hitman lore, but it is kind of vague and some what hard to follow. Most interested to get the facts.
Author: Kazitilar
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin was the best for me.
Author: Tauzil
i didnt know saitama was an hitman
Author: Makasa
In sweden ICA is a supermarket
Author: Nagal
00:05 - 00:55 Codename 47
Author: Dougore
Man I've saved so much time and money by just watching these videos. So many games I don't have to play now.
Author: Zulura
contracts, Blood money and absolution's my fav hitman games. my favorite mission are. Traditions of the Trade, Shaving lenny, Attack of the saints, And suburbia mission in Blood money. i cant remember the level on the top of my head.
Author: Gajind
How are you liking Hitman 2016 so far??


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